Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: December 31, 2016

Organization: Centaurus Financial

City: Greenwood

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Wages/Salary: Unpaid and Paid Internships are available. Students interested in receiving course credit must inquire with their institution of higher learning as to the requirements.


Our Firm is looking for hard working students with demonstrated academic, communication and leadership skills. Interns must be able to plan, prioritize and have the internal desire to succeed. Successful completion of a Centaurus internship gives you real world experience, builds your resume and earns you a strong recommendation from our firm's President and founder, Rick Mantei.

All applicants will be subject to background checks.

Job Description:

Learn first hand with one of the most successful stock brokers ever, Rick Mantei. With over $125,000,000 in commissions during his career, Rick is an able and willing teacher. Working with his staff and senior brokers with well over 100 years experience, a Centaurus intern will gain an understanding of how an investment firm and brokers operate.

Interns will be able to network with clients and travel to various outer offices. Every year we host numerous marketing events for current and prospective clients. These events include an annual Christmas party, flying events, seminars, and golf tournaments.

At the annual Christmas party, we host 1000+ clients at the South Carolina State Museum. This is a great time for interns to network with clients, and learn the value of the relationships between clients and their financial advisors.

Interns are required to work on various projects for brokers such as:
1) Portfolio research
2) Financial projects like Annuity Analysis, REITS and Required Minimum Distributions
3) Opening Accounts
4) Cash flow Analysis of client portfolio
5) Prepare for meetings with clients

Flexible hours between 7-5 Mon-Fri.
1 work Saturday per month 6-12.
Contact Name:
John Wilcox
Application Process:
Interested applicants should submit a current resume to John Wilcox at or call (803) 748-7666.