Date Posted: May 18, 2023

Deadline: June 2, 2023

Organization: Greenwood County, SC

Location: Greenwood

City: Greenwood, SC

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Job Type: Full Time

Wages/Salary: Starts at $51,334.00

Job Description:

General Description:

The purpose of this class within the organization is to assist the Fire Chief in supervising the daily operations of the County Fire Services, ensuring prompt response to 911 calls and the provision of quality emergency remediation through fire suppression, and other special operations. Schedules and supervises all personnel on assigned shifts; ensures compliance with all policies, procedures, and special directives from the Chief. Monitors and ensures the provision of adequate supplies and equipment. Supervises maintenance of fire stations, apparatus, equipment, and yard work. Assists with determining the cause and origin of all structure fires. Maintains records and prepares reports as required. Assists and fills in for the Fire Chief as needed. This class works independently, under limited supervision, reporting major activities through periodic meetings.

Essential Functions:

Supervises all fire suppression personnel on assigned shift; supervisory duties include scheduling; instructing; assigning, reviewing, and planning work of others; maintaining standards; coordinating activities; allocating personnel; selecting new employees; acting on employee problems and recommending employee disciplinary action as appropriate. Reviews the work of subordinates for completeness and accuracy; evaluates and makes recommendations as appropriate; offers on-the-job training, advice, and assistance as needed. Processes employee payroll paperwork. Ensures crew compliance with established standard operating guidelines & county policy.

Completes required records and forms such as fire reports, training records, & hose tests. Collects, reviews, and submits reports prepared by subordinates or outside jobbers such as fit tests, yearly physicals, pre-plans, company level fire inspections, SCBA flow tests, cylinder hydro static testing, etc.… Ensures that reports are accurate and properly completed. Plans, directs, and uses information effectively to enhance activities and production of the service.

Responds to emergency calls and assumes command of the scene. Immediately assesses the situation and makes proper tactical decisions based on training and the emergency environment present. Initiates the incident command system and the accountability system outlined in the standard operating guideline. Retains command until relieved by a higher-ranking officer in the county chain of command.

Operates a variety of machines including power saws, generators, fire apparatus, cutting torches, radio equipment, other firefighting equipment and tools, etc.

Monitors and initiates radio communications with dispatch center. Immediately makes response decisions based on staffing and known issues within the service.

Receives, reviews, prepares and/or submits various documents: daily schedules, daily logs, vehicle maintenance logs, fire reports and training records, supply requisitions, inventory lists, check sheets, memos and correspondence, and employee evaluations.

Interacts and communicates with numerous individuals and groups in the performance of daily activities such as local citizens, superiors and subordinates, business owners, police officers, salesmen, utility companies, etc.

Additional Duties:

Coordinates with the Fire Fleet Manager for the maintenance and proper operation of all fire apparatus and equipment. Coordinates with the Fire Chief on the care & maintenance of interior and exterior of all stations.

Recommends updates to the departmental operating procedures.

Administers fire prevention programs and other related public relations activities.

Assumes responsibility for completing assigned work within deadlines in accordance with directives, county/agency policy, procedures, and standards. Performs related work as assigned.

Data Responsibility:

Data Responsibility refers to information, knowledge, and conceptions obtained by observation, investigation, interpretation, visualization, and mental creation. Data are intangible and include numbers, words, symbols, ideas, concepts, and oral verbalizations.

Gathers, organizes, analyzes, examines or evaluates data or information and may prescribe action based on these data or information.

People Responsibility:

People include co-workers, workers in other areas or agencies and the general public

Provides information, guidance or assistance to people that directly facilitates task accomplishment; may give instructions or assignments to helpers or assistants.

Asset Responsibility:

Assets responsibility refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization.

Requires some responsibility for achieving minor economies and/or preventing minor losses through the handling of or accounting for materials, supplies or small amounts of money.

Mathematical Requirements:

Mathematics requires the use of symbols, numbers and formulas to solve mathematical problems.

Uses addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and/or calculates ratios, rates and percents.

Communications Requirements:

Communications involves the ability to read, write, and speak.

Reads technical instructions, procedures manuals and charts to solve practical problems, such as assembly instruction for tools, routine office equipment operating instructions, and methods and procedures for investigations and in drawing and layout work; composes routine reports and specialized reports, forms, and business letters, with proper format; speaks compound sentences using normal grammar and word form.

Judgment Requirements:

Judgment requirements refer to the frequency and complexity of judgments and decisions given the stability of the work environments, the nature and type of guidance, and the breadth of impact of the judgments and decisions.

Responsible for long range goals, planning and methodologies. Decision-making is focus of the job, affecting entire organization and surrounding population; works in an unstable environment with frequent and significant changes in conditions.

Complexity of Work:

Complexity addresses the analysis, initiative, ingenuity, concentration, and creativity required by the job and the presence of any unusual pressures present in the job.

Coordinates work involving guidelines and rules with constant problem solving; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results and frequent exposure to unusual pressure.

Performs coordinating work involving guidelines and rules, with constant problem solving; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results or frequent exposure to unusual pressures.

Impact of Errors:

Impact of errors refers to consequences such as damage to equipment and property, loss of data, exposure of the organization to legal liability, and injury or death for individuals.

The impact of errors is moderately serious – affects work unit and may affect other units or citizens or loss of life could occur, but probability is low

Physical Demands:

Physical demands refer to the requirements for physical exertion and coordination of limb and body movement.

Performs medium to heavy work that involves walking, standing, stooping, lifting, digging, pushing, and raising objects and involves exerting between 20 to 50 pounds of force on a regular and recurring basis and 50 to 100 pounds of force on an occasional basis. May lift 200 plus pounds, including moving patients to safety or onto a stretcher.

Equipment Usage:

Equipment usage involves responsibility for materials, machines, tools, equipment, work aids, and products.

Leads or handles machines, tools, equipment or work aids involving moderate latitude for judgment regarding attainment of a standard or in selecting appropriate items.

Unavoidable Hazards:

Unavoidable hazards refer to the job conditions that may lead to injury or health hazards even though precautions have been taken.

Involves routine and frequent exposure to radiation, disease/pathogens, potentially violent environments, traffic hazards and inclement weather. Must be able to perform job functions at heights exceeding 100 ft. and in spaces with limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not designed for continuous occupancy. Can work under high stress during emergency situations. Can perform duties under adverse conditions such as heat, cold, humidity, odors, smoke, toxic agents, noise, wetness, dusts, and light intensity.

Safety of Others:

Safety of others refers to the level of responsibility for the safety of others, either inherent in the job or to ensure the safety of the general public. (Does not include safety of subordinates).

Requires responsibility for the safety and health of others and for occasional enforcement of the codes and standards of the International Fire & building codes

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

Associate degree preferred or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Prefer 10 years of firefighting experience with 3 years of company level supervision. Must be able to obtain a firefighter’s medical clearance to perform interior operations. Must possess a valid state driver's license: Class E or CDL preferred.

Special Certifications and Licenses:

  • Fire Officer 1 (IFSAC or Pro Board)
  • Fire Instructor 1 (IFSAC or Pro Board)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) 300, 400, 700, & 800
  • NIMS – ICS for the fire service (IFSAC or Pro Board)
  • ISO – Incident Safety Officer (IFSAC or Pro Board)
  • CPR Certification
  • Emergency Medical Responder Certification/Training
  • Valid SC Driver’s License Class D with the ability to obtain a Class E or CDK B within six months of hire date
  • Pump Operations1
  • EVDT
  • International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Firefighter 1 certification or ProBoard Firefighter 1 certification

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Greenwood County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires Greenwood County to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

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Edna "Rita" Dixon
Contact Phone Number: 18649428608
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528 Monument St.
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Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.