Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 30, 2011

Organization: American Roller Company

City: Rock Hill

Website: View Website

Wages/Salary: $31,000 Plus


Knowledge of Machine Operations, Lathes, CNC controls, etc.

Job Description:

POSITION SUMMARY: Set up and operate various lathes to trim, grind, and polish a wide variety of rollers to specified dimensions.


1. Study prints, shop orders, specifications and instructions.

2. Locate and identify rolls. As required, use hoist to lift, transport and position roll in machine.

3. Determine proper operational sequence. Improvise set-ups for special or new type roller processing as required. Indicate work as necessary to detect and eliminate run out.

4. Grind or tool roll face to proper length dimensions. Clean journals and ends, and paint ends as specified.

5. Change grinding wheels as needed to process rollers (FRP, low durometer, grooved, etc.), and select appropriate feeds and speeds for material type and finish requirements.

6. Operate grinding equipment, holding shoulder lengths, concentricity, crown, step, and taper. Perform necessary grooving, cutting, or other special operations, such as cutting ends, hubs, and slingers.

7. Select speeds and type of emery cloth for specified finish requirements. Polish rolls according to standard procedures. Maintain close tolerances on diameters, shoulder lengths, and concentricity.

8. Clean, wrap and store finished products properly.

9. Use various measuring and gauging devices such as micrometers, tape micrometers, dial indicators, tape measure, calipers, etc. to meet all dimensional requirements.

10. Complete all necessary documentation paperwork.

11. Detect and report faulty operation of equipment, defective material and unusual conditions to supervisor.

12. Maintain equipment and work area in a clean and orderly manner.

13. Follow standard safety, quality and quantity requirements.

14. Perform other related duties as required.

First Shift
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Mike Bestul
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