Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 11, 2017

Organization: Department of Transportation-District 2

City: Saluda County, South Carolina

Wages/Salary: $18,229.00 - $33,728.00 Annually


A 10th grade education; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations. A valid Class "A" Commercial Driver's License. (NOTE): This position requires a valid Class "A" Commercial Driver's License within six (6) months of placement in the position. However, applicants without a Class "A" Commercial Driver's License will be considered if no qualified applicants with a Class "A" Commercial Driver's License are available.

Job Description:

Performs manual labor in building catch basins, pouring concrete for curbs and raised median, laying pipes for driveways and other drainage structures, repairing shoulders, clearing right-ofways and repairing bridges. Flags traffic during road repairs to control flow of traffic to protect workers, general public and equipment. Conducts and documents pre-operation vehicle or equipment inspection. Trains in the operation of CDL vehicles for hauling material such as asphalt, limestone, dirt, soil, cement, pipe, construction materials and debris. Operates chain saw in cutting trees on right-of-way. Operates and maintains electric/gas powered tools in various phases of roadway maintenance. Performs other related job duties as requested or assigned by supervisor. Assists in emergency road operations including inclement weather, snow/ice and hazardous conditions.

Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)
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