Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: August 31, 2010

Organization: Amick Farms

City: Batesburg

Website: View Website

Wages/Salary: Non-exempt salaried position $27,000


Bachelor or associates degree
Must be mobile and willing to relocate within 30 minutes of the facility

Job Description:

The Live Operations Management Trainee Program offers trainees the opportunity of development, training and supervising experiences at all areas of the live production or “grow out” environment of a poultry processing facility employing over 1800 associates, placing over 1.45 million chicks in the filed per week and processing more than 1.35 million chickens per week in the Saluda, South Carolina area.

Trainee will work closely with Supervisors and Managers and learn management skills and gain knowledge about the poultry industry and Amick Farms in order to eligible for field service representative positions with the live production department
Trainee will have the opportunity to train in a variety of departments within live operations working closely with front line hourly employees and contract growers to learn skills and techniques used in the “grow out process”
The Trainee reports to the Vice President of live operations and would be supervised on a day to day basis by the supervisor of the department they are assigned to work
The company will determine where trainees are assigned and when it is appropriate to move to next department
This is a “hands on” training position
Full time position eligible for benefits, vacation and 401K

Typical work week 50 hours per week
Contact Name:
Anissa Turner
Application Process:
Please submit resume to the following email