Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: December 31, 2010

Organization: Carolina Health Centers, Inc

City: Greenwood area

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Wages/Salary: $20,224.00 - $31,028.00 annually


Graduation from an accredited program of practical nurse education. Eligible for licensure to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse in South Carolina.

B. Ability to communicate well with patients and staff members, both verbal and written.

C. Ability to make accurate technical and visual observations of patients and record same in a neat and legible order.

D. Ability to maintain computer record keeping system.

Job Description:

General Description

Assists the Center Physician in the delivery of primary medical care as needed.

II. Duties

A. Prepares patients for provider, including greeting patients, questioning patients as to problems, recording chief complaint on chart, getting vital signs, and other lab work as indicated and placing patient in individual treatment rooms and preparing the patient for appropriate exam.

B. Performs routine lab procedures, i.e., urinalysis, taking blood samples and completing appropriate forms, EKGs, and assisting providers with examinations in treatment rooms such as physicals and diagnostic routines.

C. Gives non-intravenous injections, sets up exam rooms for various treatments, assists with suturing, and any emergency patients.

D. Keeps exam rooms clean and in order, maintaining appropriate supplies.

E. Orders and maintains stock of medical supplies for the Center.

F. Sterilizes all instruments, cleans thermometers, puts all packs in proper rooms.

G. Records results of all blood samples and EKGs in patient charts.

H. Helps in general with maintenance and housekeeping; i.e. keeping appliances clean, locking doors, etc.

I. Keeps informed about current developments in the area of rural health care.

J. Maintains good public relations with other agencies and becomes aware of services offered by them.

K. Serves as a resource person for other agencies in activities related to health care or clinic operations.

L. Coordinates clinical activities with those offered by other agencies.

M. Develops and maintains clinical skills by seeking consultation from appropriate resources.

N. Assists in conducting health education activities as needed.

O. Performs such other related duties as required.

M-F 8:ooam - 6:00pm , Saturdays as needed/scheduled
Contact Name:
Theresa Phillips
Application Process:
email or fax (864) 388-0648