Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 11, 2009

Organization: Prysmian Cables & Systems USA, LLC.

City: Abbeville, SC 29620

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Wages/Salary: Starting pay - $17.15/hr, top pay $21.60/hr.


1- Manage storeroom – 8500 parts stocked
a- Control inventory of maint. and mfg. parts and supplies
b- Purchasing of all storeroom items.
c- Generate and issue 425 Maximo P.O.’s monthly (yearly average)
d- Stocking of all storeroom items.
e- 5000 items labeled and stocked monthly (yearly average)
f - Issuing of maint. Parts and supplies / Mfg. supplies from storeroom.
g- Cleaning storeroom
h- Package, enter paper work (p-15) into system and have items shipped out for repairs and returns .
i- The above actions will be increased with the addition of the HV dept. -

2- Manage MRO purchasing requiring P.O.’s issued in Maximo.

3- Manage and reconcile 5 different credit cards monthly used for purchasing both Maint. and manufacturing supplies.

4- Negotiate pricing with vendors on MRO items.

5- Enter requisitions into SAP for project (afe) orders when asked.

6- Maintain a file for projects (afe)

7- Monitor maint. Budgit daily and provide reporting to accounting.
8- Maintain Maintenance Management system (Maximo)
a- Assign Maximo part # and determine stocking qty. needed for new parts.
b- Adjust stocking qty. by looking at part usage (history)
c- Associate parts to equipment in the equipment module.
d- Manage the equipment module by entering new equipment as needed and deleting obsolete equipment.
e- Make certain that all parts issued from the storeroom are charged to the proper equipment or location in the plant.
f- Enter vendors into Maximo when needed (duplicate SAP generated vendor #)
g- Maintain rotating stock in Maximo (repairable elec. Motors, elva coils etc.) making certain that their location is known at all times. IE: out for repair , in our stock, on the machine.

9- Maintain the Maximo system in general (act as system administrator)
a – All entries and changes done in Maximo
b – Maximo training

10- Manage the Abbeville facility Fork Truck Fleet.
a- Maintain file for monthly hour meter readings on each truck
b- Maintain file for repairs done to each individual truck.
c - Approve non warranty repairs prior to the work being done.
d - Work with Corporate purchasing to verify proper spec’s for new . trucks being ordered.
e- Enter requisitions into Maximo for all repairs

Job Description:

Coordinates Maintenance activities concerning ordering, receiving, storing, inventorying, issuing maintenance supplies, tools, equipment and parts in storeroom, warehouse or yard.
Purchases or prepares documents to purchase new or additional stock and recommends disposal of excess, defective, or obsolete stock.
Confers with Maintenance, Engineering and Production personnel and vendors regarding procurement and stock availability
Examines and inspects stock items for wear or defects, reports damage to supervisor, and disposes of or returns items to vendor.
Plans layout of stockroom and storage areas considering turnover, size, weight and related factors if items stored.
Coordinate effort to complete work orders by interfacing with Maintenance Planner and other maintenance supervisors.

First shift (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) flexibility in hours maybe necessary
Contact Name:
Steve Moize
Application Process:
E-mail resumes to or mail to Prysmian Cables and Systems 569 Highway 28 Bypass Abbeville, SC 29620. Or go by the local One Stop to apply in person - NO DIRECT PHONE CALLS or RESUMES received on site!