Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: March 29, 2013

Organization: Midlands Chiropractic

City: Newberry

Wages/Salary: Starting off at $9/hour. A raise will be given at the three month mark if employee has proven good work ethic, dependability, and great attitude


I need someone who will be a great addition to Midlands Chiropractic?s friendly environment; therefore I am looking for an outgoing personality to which the patients can relate. I need a self-starter who has a great work ethic and is eager to help build the practice. Previous experience would be great, but not necessary.

Job Description:

Dual roles as a receptionist and chiropractic assistant. This includes all of the following but not limited to; answering the phone, scheduling appointments, checking patients in/out, having patients fill out all entry forms, verifying of patients? insurance, receiving and entering payments, printing of forms from office software to enter into physical patient file, sending insurance codes to third party billing company, performing walkthroughs of the office with new patients, seating of patients in exam/treatment rooms, scheduling of referred out patients, and processing of x-ray films.

Employee will work eight hours a day Monday-Friday. Office hours may be changed depending on what Doctor sees is working best for the practice.
Contact Name:
Allison Kyzer, DC
Contact Email:
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