Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 22, 2016

Organization: Charter Communications

City: Simpsonville, SC

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SKILLS/ABILITIES AND KNOWLEDGE: Ability to read,write,speak and understand English, Ability to prioritize and organize effectively, Ability to use personal computer & software applications, Ability to work independently in group environment, Ability to effectively address/resolve customer complaints and issues, Ability to work while seated for prolonged periods of time, taking back-to-back calls, Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and straightforward and professional manner
Good/Excellent knowledge of all three lines of business( Cable,HIS,Telephone), Knowledge of general accounting & billing procedures, Knowledge of office procedure and Company policies, Knowledge of service troubleshooting,
Knowledge of residential product information,packaging, pricing and current offers.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalent;

RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE: 3 YEARS Customer service experience

Job Description:

Under general supervision, responsible for following op on order cancellations, past-pending tasks, and order fall out for residential customers and any additional follow-up needed before installation.

Contribute to the company vision of being the industry leader in customer service through quality, commitment, courtesy and teamwork.
Management of the "no schedule" and "past pending" sales order queues.Responsible for getting orders schedule or rescheduled with the customer.
Work with engineering and other departments to determine the serviceability of an address and follow processes outline to complete this function.
To ensure timely trafficking of sale calls that require additional follow-up before installation. Support representative is responsible to re-route non sales calls to appropriate dept and note source of misrouting through the process identified the process identified by Supervisor.
To assess and connect sales orders to ensure their completion ans accurate billing. All sales are evaluated to ensure they are operationally sound and customers will be billed correctly for services ordered.
Apply all sales rules, to ensure the integrity of the sale.
Test tools being developed for desktop and recommended enhancements.
Perform other duties as requested by Supervisor.

Application Process: