Date Posted: March 25, 2021

Deadline: April 23, 2021

Organization: Windstream

Location: Greenville Area

City: Greenville

Website: View Website

Job Type: Full Time


Minimum Requirements:

Associate Degree in a technical discipline and 3-4 years technical/telephony experience with 3 years directly related to the job; or 6 years of directly related telephony or network operations experience and/or an equivalent combination of education and directly related experience required.

Job Description:

General Summary:

This exciting entry-level opportunity in our Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) entails oversight for Tier I response and customer-facing support for Windstream’s suite of managed network security products and services.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain an effective, courteous, and timely channel of communication with customers from initial inbound call or outbound contact to satisfactory resolution of all issues.
  • Follow established identity assurance and access control procedures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of our customers’ sensitive data.
  • Quickly and efficiently identify, troubleshoot, and resolve emergent customer network security issues with an objective of first-call-resolution.
  • Monitor and manage multiple Event Monitoring and Incident Response ticket queues and triage/address as appropriate to meet established service level agreements for the systems in question.
  • Maintain currency in ESOC and Windstream product and service offerings, as well as support objectives and requirements thereof.

 Typical Activities:

  • Answer incoming customer and intra-team calls as presented to ESOC’s 24/7/365 support call center.
  • Dynamically balance individual workload to accommodate ticket-related workload and incident response with the need to maximize call-queue availability.
  • Monitor alerts generated by Windstream’s customer-facing Threat Monitoring systems (SIEM) as assigned and respond accordingly, triage, de-duplicate, clear, and/or escalate presented issues to higher-tier Analysts as appropriate.
    • Rigorously and accurately document all work carried out in response to customer issues to assure consistency, transparency, validity, and auditability of all troubleshooting efforts undertaken.
    • Coordinate with Team Leads, higher-tier Analysts, and Engineers to identify workflow-impacting and/or service-impacting issues as they arise.

Work Complexity:

An Analyst should possess a sufficient understanding of basic local-area networking concepts--including but not limited to common LAN Services, IPV4/IPV6/NAT/PAT, sub-netting, applications, patterns of host interactions, and the role that perimeter security plays in a customer's network so as to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and services provided by their network are not compromised by the changes recommended and/or implemented by the Analyst on the customer's behalf.  This directive would encompass, at minimum:

  • Fundamental understanding of the OSI model and the ability to apply concepts while troubleshooting individual customer issues.  Understanding of IP Networking including, but not limited to, IPV4, IPV6, NAT, PAT and sub-netting.
  • Ability to speak competently in regards to customer’s networks and network interconnects at all scales, and the Windstream Managed Network Security product suite. 
  • Troubleshooting and support of all features and functions of next-generation firewall devices, including:  VPN configurations accommodating a range of topologies, integration of customer-owned AAA platforms, high-availability architectures of all kinds, and the full suite of Fortinet-supported UTM functionality.
  • Basic understanding of all Managed Network Security platforms and the products and services supported by ESOC.
Application Process:
Apply on company website.
Employer Address:

301 N Main St
Greenville, SC 29601
United States

Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.