Summer Consulting Internship in China

Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 20, 2015


City: Beijing

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Academic and professional requirements:
-- Undergraduates and graduates at college/university or equivalent
-- Eager to gain experience in a multinational company
-- Dynamic and open-minded with International mindset
-- Ability to appreciate different cultural models of business
-- Strong leadership potential
-- Clear motivation, drive and maturity
-- Recognized achievements
-- Academic ability
-- Minimum 3.0 GPA

Job Description:

The Summer Consulting Internship Program is designed to provide participants with a global view of business, but with a particular focus on Chinese business philosophy and challenges. It provides students with an edge in the business world. Through creativity, entrepreneurship and globally important ideas, students are challenged to deepen their view of MNCs, develop a strategic mindset and grasp the latest management tools required by a multinational company leader in today?s fast-moving business world.

The program 35-days long and divides into 2 parts. In the first week, student will learn about Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Economy and Chinese traditional cultures, etc. For the following 4 weeks, student will be placed into a Multinational company to help solve a current issue that the company is facing and come up with a consulting solution at the end of the program. The four weeks internship will be guided by an American consulting specialist at all time; students will learn consulting skills and have a deeper understanding of Chinese business philosophy and culture through first-hand experience.

The Program blends innovative course design with face-to?face interaction, consulting experience and immersion study tours. It also unites students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds in the spirit of learning, open-mindedness and debate while at the same time providing.

To help students to better understand Chinese Culture, we scheduled weekend culture tours among Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other famous cities. With the program supported by the Global MNCs Education Alliance, students may apply for the GMEA scholarships to cover their tuition fees and earn college credits at the end of the program.

Application Procedures
Step 1 ? Send CV to
Step 2 ? Scholarship /Company Stipend Application
Step 3 -- Acceptance by NBS Committee
Step 4 ?Visa
Step 5 ? Pre-training

Contact Name:
Tina Zhao
Contact Email:
Application Process:
The application only requires 5 steps. To start your application, please send your resume or contact the NBS Summer Program Admission office for more information via email

Application Procedures
Step 1 ? Send CV to
Step 2 ? Scholarship /Company Stipend Application
Step 3 -- Acceptance by NBS Committee
Step 4 ?Visa
Step 5 ? Pre-training