Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: September 12, 2015

Organization: Department of Public Safety

City: Richland, SC

Wages/Salary: $21,484.00 - $39,754.00 Annually


A high school diploma and work experience that is directly related to the area of employment. A bachelor's degree may be substituted for the related work experience.
Must have a valid driver's license. Must be proficient in the use of computers.

Job Description:

Manages the purchasing of equipment and supplies from the Patrol Supply and DPS Supply Warehouses. Serves as a liaison between the Highway Patrol Troop Supply Coordinators and the Resource Management Unit. Assists all HP Troops with any issues involving purchases from either warehouse.
Responsible for the inventory and issuance of all summons and warning books from the Patrol Supply Warehouse. Assists with the input of orders into SCEIS as needed. Assists agencies as needed with summons book orders and electronic summons numbers. Assists agencies as needed with DUI in-car camera systems. Maintains records all DUI cameras issued to outside police agencies.
Responsible for the programming and issuing of all cell phones and wireless data devices for the Highway Patrol. Maintains records, contact lists, and equipment related to data communications services for the Highway Patrol. Ensures that all purchase orders are accurate and that all invoices and payments are processed in a timely manner. Works with outside vendors as needed for successful purchasing of equipment.
Responsible for the shipping and receiving of all uniforms and equipment that are utilized by DPS divisions. Assists with the operations of the Patrol Supply Warehouse as directed by the Warehouse Manager.
Assists in the annual and periodic Patrol Supply Warehouse inventory of supplies and equipment. Ensures that the quantities balance accordingly. Makes recommendations to maintain and improve Patrol Supply Warehouse inventories and procedures. Produces reports related to these duties.

Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)
Application Process:
Interested applicants apply online at