Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: January 18, 2014

Organization: Department of Transportation-District 2

City: Greenwood

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Wages/Salary: AGENCY HIRING RANGE - MIN: $21,519.00 AGENCY HIRING RANGE - MAX: $32,027.00


A 10th grade education; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human
Resources Regulations.
A valid Class ?A? Commercial Driver?s License. (NOTE): This position requires a valid
Class ?A? Commercial Driver?s License within six (6) months of placement in the position.
However, applicants without a Class ?A? Commercial Driver?s License will be considered if
no qualified applicants with a Class ?A? Commercial Driver?s License are available.

Job Description:

Assists with applying and maintaining traffic pavement markings, paints and erects barricades, fabricates and erects secondary road markers, stop lines, crosswalks and turn arrow markings.
Operates small traffic paint stripper machine. Assists in the preparation and loading of materials;
250 gallon totes of paint and 2,000 lb. bags of beads into paint machine as necessary for daily
operations. Assists in the placement of pavement markings including stop bars, arrows,
crosswalks, and railroad crossings or thermoplastic according to state specifications. Flags traffic
during road repairs to control flow of traffic to protect workers, general public and equipment.
Trains to operate standard dump truck with snow plow attachment and sand spreader to remove
snow and ice from highways and bridges. Conducts and documents pre-operation
vehicle/equipment inspection. Trains to operate tandem ten-wheel dump truck, standard dump
truck and flatbed truck for hauling materials including, asphalt, limestone, dirt, soil, cement,
pipe, construction materials and debris.

NORMAL WORK SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)
Application Process:
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