Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: July 27, 2007

Organization: ETV

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Wages/Salary: $42,674 to $67,486


An Associate's degree in electronics and three years of operating and maintaining a TV,FM, or Radar transmitter installation; experince managing digital transmitters.

Job Description:

Perform routine and emergency maintenance on very complex high power broadcasting transmitters; as well as very complex video and audio processing, monitoring, remote control, and associated equipment.Prepares monthly ETV transmitter reports, check broadcast signals and operation for compliance with FCC and FAA rules and regulations and also keeping required records and files for compliance with FCC and FAA rules and regulations. You will also be ordering parts, supplies, and tools as required for transmitters, associated equipment and buildings; also, maintaing building and grounds, and performing general inspection of transmitting tower, guy lines and guy anchors.

Contact Name:
Mark Whittington
Application Process:
By phone