Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2013 Summer Term

September 16, 2013

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2013 summer term have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Jennifer L. Chen, Kevin W. Claussen, Brennan D. Ferguson and Nathan W. Freeman, all of Abbeville; and De’Lunta D. Sampson of Calhoun Falls.

Aiken County - Lesley A. Koppert of Aiken.

Anderson County - Charles B. Todd of Honea Path.

Greenville County - Jennifer Fisher of Greenville; James W. Davis and Porter K. Preston, both of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Corey L. Thomas of Bradley; Zachary R. Bolter, Julius C. Bowie, Lauren K. Dalton, Kimberly A. DiBari and James T. Grogan, all of Greenwood; Derrick D. Butler, Phillip K. Jenkins, Jonathan Scott and Jared J. Taylor, all of Ninety Six; George W. Dorn of Troy; and Kimberly A. Leiby of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Christopher A. Hughes of Clinton; Ronald J. Aderhold and Mario F. Peterson, both of Cross Hill; Justin L. Huffman of Gray Court; Katonya I. Kingsborough of Laurens; Samuel C. Moore of Ware Shoals; and Matt W. Shipley of Waterloo.

McCormick County - Anthony G. Quarles of McCormick; Bonnie Noble of Modoc; Erniko S. Brown of Mount Carmel; and Robert E. Rushton of Plum Branch.      

Newberry County - Bobby L. Skelton of Chappells; William R. Attaway of Little Mountain; John C. Brooks and Brandon L. Simon, both of Newberry; Nathan Longshore and Caitlin D. Stockman, both of Prosperity.

Richland County - Karen Rayburn of Irmo.

Saluda County – Ruth L. Shealy of Batesburg; Collin Derrick and Keith A. Kirkland, both of Saluda.

York County - Caroline McGill of Fort Mill.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Cody H. McIntire of Abbeville; Nicholas C. Brown of Calhoun Falls; and Charlene M. Dees of Honea Path.

Greenville County - Danielle N. Nodine of Fountain Inn; and Laura M. Duran Martinez of Greenville.

Greenwood County - James R. Rittmayer of Bradley; Melissa A. Hall of Donalds; Nelson W. Banks, Jeffrey G. Genson, Sarah L. Grant, Tiffany L. Jones, Kathy C. Kilpatrick, Efrien D. Lagroon, Herbert H. Martin, Terry Morse, Theresa N. Peterson, Keenan B. Phillips, Kevin C. Reedy, Brittney M. Robinson, Miranda J. Shanholtzer, Dana J. Silver, James D. Smith, Adam K. Strange, Lukas S. Suit and Thanayut Yawah, all of Greenwood.

Laurens County - Derek C. Stephens of Gray Court; Marquise D. Speaks of Laurens; Halee A. Hinton of Ware Shoals; and Frankie L. Elgin of Waterloo.

McCormick County - Glacia A. Anderson-Gaskin of McCormick.

Newberry County - Henry H. Robinson of Newberry; and Gary D. Higgins of Prosperity.

Temecula, Calif., - Erin L. Eisenhauer.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Ellis F. Belton, Dami Elliott, Cassaundra D. Geer, Henry D. Hayes, Stephanie L. Hill, Elizabeth E. Houston, Eric B. Hudgens, Jotaun R. Jones, Marsha P. Landers, Katherine A. Lawrence, John T. Mitchum, Sandra M. Moore, Jason L. Parnell, Tonita C. Power, Pamela D. Ramey, Joseph P. Rogers, Jessica G. Sutherland, Remetrious T. Sutton and Charles M. Turman, all of Abbeville; William E. Bass, Deyanna D. Bell, Heather E. Clark, Alicia M. Cochran, Julian W. Hall and Kirbie S. Leverette, all of Calhoun Falls; James-Michael Bonetti, Thomas W. Dixon, Joycelyn Lewis, Katherine A. Mulzer, Hannah F. Stoll, Erica L. Strickland and Susan M. Williamson, all of Donalds; Andrea N. Dodson, James R. Patterson and Francis H. Pressly, all of Due West; and Donna C. Pilgrim of Honea Path.

Aiken County - Ariel M. Flurett and Susan L. Sebag, both of Aiken; Narissa R. Brown and Marlena E. Jackson, both of North Augusta.

Anderson County - Lucas W. McClain and Crystal Rhodes, both of Belton; Hannah L. Brewington and Amber R. Todd, both of Honea Path; and Steven T. Young of Pelzer.

Bowman, Ga., - Alicia Bennett and Amber Campbell.

Charleston County - Darryl S. Young of Charleston; Macy C. Cabiness of Mount Pleasant; and Paul J. Brouthers of Summerville.

Cherokee County - Brittany L. Nichols of Blacksburg.

Colleton County - Aaron M. Crosby of Smoaks.

Darlington County - Devin L. Winburn of Hartsville.

Edgefield County - Haley A. Glanton, Anne M. Murphy, Kevin W. Smith, Kyle E. Smith, Amy M. Williams and Terri Youngblood, all of Edgefield; Barbara A. Fulmer, Natalie F. Longobardo and Shannon D. Longobardo, all of Johnston; Patricia G. Gilchrist and T’Keyah Y. Gilchrist, both of McCormick; Austin R. Fulmer of North Augusta; Latashi Gilchrist and Jade A. Riley, both of Trenton.

Florence County - Gloria A. Outlaw of Florence.

Greenville County - Erin E. Hassiotis of Greer; Hannah J. Bedwell of Honea Path; Jarrett B. Jordan of Simpsonville; and Brandon E. Sloan of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Donna L. Gore, Magan N. Jackson, Patricia J. Polattie and Le-Nai’ L. Rowland, all of Bradley; Thomas E. Coburn of Donalds; Taylor M. Alexander, Alma L. Arroyo, Stephen W. Barklow, Haley J. Barnell, Erica J. Bowers, Lenox L. Brathwaite, Donna L. Brooks, Marion T. Burnside, Porshai J. Byrd, Ronald G. Cahela, Gwendolyn M. Callaham, Shayla R. Carter, Annie-Miran Chanona, Tinslee S. Christopher, Martin C. Clamp, Brian C. Clark, Lauren A. Claussen, Reginald F. Collins, Janelle D. Copeland, James C. Cox, Isabel Cespo, James C. Crowder, Sharon L. Davenport, Courtney M. Dobert, Cody J. Dorn, Amanda K. Elgin, Kelly M. Erickson, Jaquelin S. Estrada, Carlton S. Eustace, Cory G. Fain, Jameson E. Faulkner, Melanie A. Fennell, Joseph T. Franklin, Vince E. Gartrell, Kevin B. Gheen, Tony Gonce, Heather L. Green, Cemetris L. Hampton, Jeremy Harris, Jaretta Hart, Labrittany S. Hawkins, Bradley S. Hollingsworth, Bratcher D. Holloway, Jeremy D. Houchins, Tynesha Houchins, Tanya N. Hurt, Damon A. Hylton, Rebecca M. Kilburn, Kelli A. Kimsey, Lauren M. Leggett, Dawn J. Lewis, Dewayne Lewis, Jasmine A. Lingle, Johnny Locklear, Steve H. Loggins, Jordan T. Lollis, Anthony P. Manley, Angelica D. Mathis, Rose K. Middleton, Autumn G. Montgomery, Michelle F. Moorhead, Amber B. Murray, Cynthia V. Myers, Floyd M. Nicholson, Dedric J. Norman, Amy R. Parsons, Jeffrey C. Peirce, Andrew S. Prevatte, Minh K. Quan, Melissa J. Raugh, Todd A. Raugh, Christopher L. Revels, Antonio Rodriguez, Stephen J. Rudy, Kyle J. Sitarz, Anthony A. Slack, Brandon H. Smith, Candace M. Smith, Jimmy R. Sweezy, Tara L. Thompson, Karen R. Tisdale, Jonathan D. Tolbert, Luis A. Torres, Thomas G. Trull, Baylee L. Tullis, Keenan D. Turner, Ashley K. Wall, Deidre M. Warren, Kyle D. Watts, Tomekia Wells, Jason A. White, Amanda N. Wideman, Georgina C. Wilbanks, Michael F. Willis, Charles K. Winston, Amber M. Woods and Kara N. Yassney, all of Greenwood; Braden M. Bright, Dawn R. Crawford, Marvin B. Dorn, Jeffrey F. Harling, Jodie L. Hodges, Kendrakus K. Ramsey, Cassondra B. Sullivan, Jessica L. Wakefield and Jordan R. Wilson, all of Hodges; Danielle C. Balentine, Amy M. Brooks, Matthew R. Bryant, Kristen D. Hardman, Jennifer L. Ouzts, Antonia M. Rushton, Michelle A. Rushton, Kenneth S. Stargel, Sheryl J. Stewart and Travis D. Watson, all of Ninety Six; Melrose W. Brownlee, Mary-Ashton T. Lockard and Brandon P. White, all of Ware Shoals.

Horry County - Michelle R. Lippincott of Conway.

Kershaw County - Clayton A. Summerton of Elgin.

Laurens County - Dennis Cancel, Matthew S. Canupp, Brittany R. Dotson, Andrew C. Erwin, Melissa P. Eustace, Dustin E. Faulkner, Blakely L. Frazier, Marshall D. Fulmer, Christopher W. Gregory, Dorothy A. King, Justin A. Moton and Cassandra K. Young, all of Clinton; Joshua D. Chastain and Willie J. Hill, both of Cross Hill; Sophia D. Beagle and Zachary T. Stoddard, both of Fountain Inn; Cassandra P. Burnside, Deon L. Byrd and Jennie L. Wyatt, all of Gray Court; Jennifer M. Page of Honea Path; Stephanie L. Starnes of Kinards; Marie P. Bishop, Billie J. Brown, Barbara J. Cliatt, Chasity M. Creasy, Albert L. Davenport, Sara N. Farhan, Samantha Howell, Judy Hunnicutt, Jessica N. Jenkins, Patina A. Jones, Marah Rykard, Astarria Sheppard, Jessica E. Swacker and Shannon S. Thompson, all of Laurens; Mallory D. Duncan of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Desiree T. Myers and Lori Smith, both of Batesburg; Brent E. Fordham, Mary K. Kenworthy, Carol M. Lucas, Alphonso Martin, Leann M. Phillips and Jessica L. Wade, all of Chapin, Benjamin A. Baughman, Dennis P. Crepes, Clairessa D. Dinkins, Charles C. Shaw and Nancy M. Turner, all of Leesville; Endia C. Cochran, Shannon B. Hughes and Elizabeth R. Rhodus, all of Lexington; and Latoya Bowers of Little Mountain.

McCormick County - Shanna E. Bridges, Delandus T. Callaham, Latasha Johnson, Rachael A. Moss and Marita G. Wideman, all of McCormick; Samantha E. Alexander and Johnny E. Lyon, both of Plum Branch; and Jacqueline C. Rivers of Troy.

Newberry County - Susan Harrison of Chappells; Maggie L. Moore of Cross Hill; Steven A. Harris, Meghan E. Lake, Jennifer F. Lindler and Noel Lindler, all of Little Mountain; Brandy E. Blanton, Willie M. Coleman, Kristopher M. Davenport, Vicki A. Eaves, James A. Ellis, Sarah E. Jaeger, Cassandra L. Johnson, Marlee E. Keenan, Celia A. Kellogg, Barbara J. Nichols, Karen A. O’Donald, Jared M. Poole, Samantha Rikabi, Claudia Rodriguez and Emily B. Wilson, all of Newberry; Hannah C. Livingston and Myriah Rauch, both of Pomaria; Michael A. Bartley, Mollie I. Connelly, Richard A. Crumpton, Rosette D. Gallman, Shari M. Warren and Amber N. Worthy, all of Prosperity; John Q. Calhoun of Silverstreet; Felicia N. Drew, Andrea R. Hall, Carrie C. Harmon, Lance O. Kitchens, Alex Lominick and Mark D. McMurtury, all of Whitmire.

Orangeburg County - Jeremy P. Chavis of North.

Oconee County - Hannah R. Mangan of West Union.         

Pickens County - Curtis Lamp of Clemson.

Richland County - Taylor H. Matthews of Chapin; Jeanna Meetze of Columbia; Theresa E. Duggan and Daniel J. St. John, both of Irmo; and James L. Stroman of Winnsboro.

Saluda County - Michael B. Addy, Lynette E. Deloach, Daniel T. Middleton and Jacqulyne D. Myers, all of Batesburg; Wanda S. Shull and Keyenda H. Weaver, both of Johnston; Zachary S. Hays and Avery J. McGee, both of Leesville; Jesse S. Lawton, Zachary R. Rita, Mark G. Rushton, Susan D. Shuler, Cheryl P. Springs, Amy M. Steele and Adam L. Tuttle, all of Saluda; and Tyler W. Rogers of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Kelly Stamper of Enoree; Erica P. Sumner and Mary A. Suttle, both of Woodruff.

Union County - Thomas P. Sloan of Union; and Colby R. English of Whitmire.