Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2014 Spring Semester

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2014 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - James M. Bowman, Dylan K. Ethridge, Cassaundra D. Geer, Justin W. Hudson, Jotaun R. Jones, Timothy B. Powell, Pamela D. Ramey, Jerri D. Smith, Thao T. Vu and Kenneth C. Wells, all of Abbeville; Rodnisha S. Howzell of Bradley; Blake T. Rodriguez of Calhoun Falls; Alex A. Overholt and Michelle Lund, both of Donalds; Francis H. Pressly of Due West; and Riann C. Harrison of Iva.

Aiken County - Susan H. Graham of Langley.

Anderson County - Rajathurai Kayatharshini, Joshua R. Blackwell, Lauren A. Brown, Barbara Fulmer and Christopher M. Smith, all of Anderson; Brandon F. Smalley of Honea Path.

Barnwell County - William G. Grubbs of Williston.

Edgefield County - Fred A. Hammond of Clarks Hill; Austin R. Fulmer of North Augusta; Deanndra L. Bussey of Edgefield; and Nery B. Hernandez of Johnston.

Greenville County - Laura M. Duran Martinez of Greenville; Erin E. Hassiotis of Greer; and Michael J. Hardin of Travelers Rest.

Greenwood County - James R. Rittmayer of Bradley; Hannah Ashley, Rachel M. Bowick, Michael A. Brown, Evins J. Carter, Sumpter J. Carter, Sunni Carwile, Tinslee S. Christopher, Reginald F. Collins, Joseph W. Conte, Dustin I. Cooper, Rachel Crawford, Rossana I. Cubillan, Margie A. Culbertson, Cade A. Davis, Julio C. Delgado, Shawn M. Douglas, Sarah A. France, Cory Holland, Martez J. Holmes, Takoya D. Holmes, Tiara S. Johnson, Andrew K. Kang, Belita Khalil, Tammy M. Kullnat, Reginald A. Lanier, Steven V. Lee, Tabatha J. Malone, Bryan E. Martin, Christine B. Martin, Amy L. Masters, Megan K. Miles, Brenda A. Mobley, William C. Nickles, Amy R. Parsons, Keenan B. Phillips, Jacob P. Poore, Meagan E. Rains, Robert R. Reece, Michael A. Ridge, Chanel C. Sanders, Miranda J. Shanholtzer, Brandon K. Sinclair, Brett M. Smith, Dwayne E. Startzman, Jimmy R. Sweezy, Jodi B. Todd, Jonathan D. Tolbert, Luis A. Torres, Robert V. Wald, Jason A. White, Taylor N. Wiley, Hattie T. Williams, Magan Williams, Charles K. Winston, Kara N. Yassney and Matthew S. Zboran, all of Greenwood; Braden M. Bright, Jason Brown, Xavier R. Buff, James E. Coursey, Christopher L. Crawford, Matthew R. Harvey, Whitney E. Kelley and Jessica L. Wakefield, all of Hodges; Danielle C. Balentine, Laura Banks, Anna G. Bryant, Derrick D. Butler, Michelle R. Emery, Deneshia K. Freeman, Isaiah Furqueron, Nathaniel G. Henderson, Jennifer L. Ouzts, Jared J. Taylor, Tess D. Ward and Mary A. Williams, all of Ninety Six; and Savannah Odermatt of Ware Shoals.

Grovetown, Ga., - Chan-Tresa Z. Carr.

Kershaw County - Cody S. James of Camden; and Benjamin White of Elgin.

Laurens County - Windy K. Asbill, Lisa K. Burroughs, Dennis Cancel, Heather R. Dunaway, Christopher A. Hughes, Jadee B. Kokonios, Michael L. Lee, Jason M. Mann, Victoria A. Roberts, Melissa A. Scott, Mary A. Turner, Michael D. Turner and Vickie N. Underwood, all of Clinton; James K. Deal and Willie J. Hill, both of Cross Hill; Ashley Frantz of Fountain Inn; Corey B. Harkcom of Gray Court; Carrie F. Burton, Albert L. Davenport, Robert M. Haggard, Nikki Latham, Michael Mabry, Phillip McClintock, Nicole A. McKinney, Nisa Navarro, Jonathan A. Pavlovsky and Benjamin S. Powell, all of Laurens; Patricia G. Bumgardner, Danielle P. Long and Duane J. Terry, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Kelly M. Arrington of Batesburg; Brandon J. Baghdady and Stephanie M. Bowers, both of Chapin; Karina Cazarez Sanchez of Columbia; Charles C. Shaw of Leesville; Endia C. Cochran, Maria Gilbert, Bruce D. Jordan and Sean S. South, all of Lexington; and James Enlow of West Columbia.

McCormick County - Jasmine Callaham, Devin T. Chiles, Zachary D. Morgan, Thomas J. Willis, William T. Wright, all of McCormick; Bonnie Noble of Modoc; Kaitlyn E. Foster and Malaurie B. Hullings, both of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Maggie L. Moore of Cross Hill; Shkima M. Chambers, Ashley N. Charles, Sarah E. Jaeger, Pedro J. Lopez, Steven S. Moran, Claudia Rodriguez, Brandon L. Simon and Donna S. Vincent, all of Newberry; Richard A. Crumpton, Austin Guy, Gary D. Higgins and Nathan Longshore, all of Prosperity; and Amy Andrews of Whitmire.

Oconee County - April D. Sheriff of Seneca.

Richland County - Daniel Rayburn and Karen Rayburn, both of Irmo; and James L. Stroman of Winnsboro.

Saluda County - Katherine L. Dumont and Rebecca W. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Justin C. McCary of Chappells; Wanda S. Shull of Johnston; Courtney V. Stone and Justin D. West, both of Prosperity; Jennifer L. Bryan, Michael B. Crumpton, Katrina W. Doubrava, Crystal B. Gibson, Madison H. Price, Kayla L. Stephens, Adam L. Tuttle, Fletcher Winn and Sarah R. Woodhams, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Catherine Baker of Enoree.

Washington, Ga., - Denise S. Scott.

Williamsburg County - Paul Thompson of Kingstree.

York County - Judson N. Horner of Rock Hill.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Tatlain Brown, Dominique L. Cole, Brennan D. Ferguson, Justin L. Gingerich, Kaola R. Greene, Roderick O. Marshall, Elizabeth McCurry, Tyler E. McMurtury, Sandra M. Moore, Elizabeth G. Nelson, William R. Pooser, Heather L. Timmerman and Ashley M. Timms, all of Abbeville; Caleb D. Hagen, Matthew C. McCarson, Jacob C. McMahan and James A. Young, all of Donalds; Angelica S. Myshkovskiy of Due West; Alyona V. Melnichenko of Honea Path; and Emily Skelton of Iva.

Anderson County - Andrew B. Smalley of Honea Path; Johnnisha R. Durham and Elizabeth Groves, both of Iva.

Augusta, Ga., - Jamie K. Peacher.

Berkeley County - Stephanie Zinskie of Summerville.

Brunswick, Ga., - Shelley L. Griffis.

Dorchester County - Amanda S. Caceres of Summerville.

Edgefield County - Julie A. Jones of Edgefield; and Patricia A. Phillips of Johnston.

Fairfield County - Katherine L. Berry of Winnsboro.

Greenville County - Mary –Ashton T. Lockard of Greer; and Matthew E. Perkins of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Catherine A. Richardson of Bradley; Ashlynne O. Brownlee of Donalds; John E. Alexander, Kevin M. Barker, Zachary R. Bolter, Julius C. Bowie, Lisa R. Brown, Susan M. Buchanan, Meredith A. Bunch, Anna M. Campbell, Katherine M. Carter, Sydney Case, Megan Castro, Courtney A. Clemmons, Maritere Cureno, Kathleen N. Dillard, Jaquelin S. Estrada, Brooke H. Faulkner, Joseph T. Franklin, Kevin B. Galindo, Shaqweeta L. Glover, Justin B. Hall, Joel H. Kingsland, Randy S. Lubich, Cheryl A. Mackey, Kristen B. Morris, David Nicholson, Cheryl A. Pais, James C. Stevick, Pamela A. Thompson and Robert A. Willingham, all of Greenwood; Joseph Clamp, Cheryl R. Garrett and Johnson B. Miller, all of Hodges; Chuck Camp and Joseph B. Chaney, both of Ninety Six; Lisa J. Murray and James T. Young, both of Troy.

Laurens County - Helen E. Brown, Andreas Kokonios, Chad D. Maxon, Michael McKittrick, Vaibhav R. Patel and Eliza C. Williams, all of Clinton; Ronald J. Aderhold, Todd D. Underwood and Rodrick O. Williams, all of Cross Hill; Sophia D. Beagle and Christopher M. Falls, both of Fountain Inn; Cassandra P. Burnside, Bryan Patterson and Bethany M. Prescott, all of Gray Court; Matthew P. Tarver of Joanna; Dallas B. Bagwell, Salvador Hernandez, Jessica N. Jenkins, Angela L. Lagroon, Rebecca E. Lawson, Rochelle Nabors, Christopher C. Pennington, Jordan K. Riegel, Christopher J. Sanders, Ann M. Strickland and Antoinette Tribble, all of Laurens; Christopher L. Fox of Mountville; and Heaven L. Dillinger of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Diana M. Bussard and Laura N. Powell, both of Chapin; and Dalton L. Holzheimer of Gilbert.

McCormick County - Chelsea C. Johnson of Calhoun Falls; Darby R. Brown, Matthew Madden, Wileisha Stevens, Glacia A. Anderson-Gaskin, Blake Brown, Catlyn D. Clegg, James M. Davis, Felicia Fuller, Corenthia Martin and Tiffany N. Smith, all of McCormick; and Mary A. Waters of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Noel Lindler and Courtney D. Swafford, both of Little Mountain; Bethany Cromer, Kaysey Fulmer, Cassandra M. Jones, Rebecca E. Kinard, Schnora M. Lyles and Laytoia C. Salaam, all of Newberry; David Blancher, Taiyah Bookman, Kaytlyn I. Long and Hailey Mundell, all of Prosperity; and Michael C. Keith of Whitmire.

Pickens County - Gregory D. Durham of Easley.

Richland County - Nekedia A. Moses of Columbia.

Saluda County - Alice K. Harrison of Batesburg; Mary S. Drake of Prosperity; Breanna L. Burt and Skylar J. Lybrand, both of Ridge Spring; Chelsea B. Berry, Debra S. Charlton and Sasha L. Hernandez, all of Saluda.

Wilmington, N.C., - Ginnie L. Smith.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Ellis F. Belton, Carmen E. Burnett, Valorie Colvert, Catherine A. Eaves, Madison L. Gardner, Tracie S. Gill, Karlese A. Gray, Ean D. Guy, Jacqeuline A. Knight, Larissa A. Overholt, Margaret Salmon, Kristi L. Starks, Rebecca Weaver, Odessa L. Williams and Serrah B. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Luellen Alewine and Julian W. Hall, both of Calhoun Falls; Erica L. Strickland of Donalds; Mark A. Lyerly of Due West; Sergey M. Cherkasov, Christopher D. Phillips and Katherine A. Wilson, all of Honea Path; Danny H. Minnich and Brian Sorrow, both of Iva.

Aiken County - Aundia Caldwell of Aiken, Chelsey Schwartz of Batesburg; and Thomas O. Adams of Ridge Spring.

Anderson County - Ebony T. McAlister of Anderson; Christopher R. Moss and Dawn R. Willock, both of Belton; Patsy A. Hunter of Easley; Melissa R. Warner of Honea Path; Jessica P. Gurley; and Carlos A. Sanchez of Liberty.

Berkeley County - Corey M. Gaskins of Bonneau.

Edgefield County - Ashley E. Bryan, Maria M. Bryant, Alexander A. Cheatham, Heather D. Edwards, Sherry S. Johnson, Erin L. Seigler, Kaeli C. Wates and Lauren G. Williams, all of Edgefield; Michelle S. Clark, Brittini J. Merriweather, Destiny M. Porterfield and Bruce Smith, all of Johnston; Morgan Bookstaver and Linda Garrett, both of North Augusta.

Fairfield County - Lacrystal F. Coates of Blair; Clayrann R. Small and Antonio M. White, both of Jenkinsville.

Greenville County - Cornell Clinkscales and Maria Hodsdon, both of Greenville; and Patina Young of Piedmont.

Greenwood County - Kimberly J. Cogdill, Carolynn Dye, Bryan Johnson and Le-Nai’ L. Rowland, all of Bradley; Allison F. Butler of Donalds; Catharine W. Adams, Cirae D. Adams, Alexandria N. Arnold, Candice A. Arrowood, Anselmo Bautista, Erica J. Bowers, Tina F. Brewer, Melissa C. Briggs, Abby Buckshorn, Flora J. Burton, Kim M. Bush, Ramon I. Butler, Jacob L. Childress, Mary S. Childs, Jennifer Chrisley, Michael C. Clarke, Yvonne G. Cook, Lauren J. Creswell, Lisa S. Creswell, Jordan Culpepper, Hannah L. Daniel, Sharon L. Davenport, Juan A. De Leon Hernandez, Courtney M. Dennin, Sheena M. Dillard, Emily Dorn, Kelsey A. Duckett, Cinthia Duran-Marin, John O. Edwards, Andrew Emily, Maddisen A. Fain, Kristie A. Farinella, Timothy  L. Fleming, James W. Floyd, Carly Flynn, Alyssa C. Forkin, David A. Fortson, Allison L. Gallman, Samuel B. George, Juanita Gilchrist, Grayson Glanton, Regan D. Goldman, Jarron A. Gravley, Jeremiah H. Grooms, Derek Hall, Leanna H. Hall, Matt Hammond, Haleigh S. Harrison, Dexter B. Harter, Sonya Harter, Emily Hawthorne, Nick E. Holzli, Elisa F. Horne, Elondra R. Hurley, Camille H. Jenkins, James E. Jester, Kanisha C. Jimerson, Brett A. Johnson, Jesse A. Johnson, David T. Karel, Emily M. Kellum, Kelli A. Kimsey, Amber N. Lagrone, Jack Y. Lagrone, Linda D. Lagroon, Angelin C. Lawson, Dominac B. Laymon, Dawn J. Lewis, Dewayne Lewis, Carly A. Lovinggood, Ricardo A. Macias, Christopher R. Mancuyas, Seth Martin, James G. Matthews, Teresa N. McCurry, Patricia E. McQuown, Savannah T. Medford, Andrew N. Merritt, Martavious D. Moates, Lavonna M. Mobley, Lydia Mohajer, Michelle F. Moorhead, Heather T. Mosley, Jennifer C. Mull, Christian Nguyen, Tiaria A. Norman, Christine R. Nulty, Shaquille N. Oliver, Melissa L. Oswald, Tamara L. Perdue, Maria Perez Hernandez, Courtlyn S. Price, Michael W. Quarles, Aliza I. Randazzo, Crystal L. Rapp, Todd A. Raugh, Hannah G. Reid, Christopher L. Revels, Allison J. Roberson, Jennifer N. Rodgers, Payton M. Rogers, Christopher J. Scott, Katie M. Sears, Randy J. Shulfer, Candace M. Smith, Terry D. Stancil, Michael B. Steadman, Barbara Strong, Amber M. Sumerel, Thomas M. Suttles, Demetrius T. Talbert, Jonathan Talbert, Angie B. Taylor, Travis A. Taylor, Pamela A. Tinsley, Charles B. Todd, Melissa W. Tomas, David Tran, Jennifer K. Turner, Lacorsha J. Turner, Ethan Von Seelen, Michael A. Walden, Princella A. Waller, Hunter E. Watson, Joshua C. Watson, Ariel S. Watts, Kyle D. Watts, David L. Wells, David M. Westberry, Helen R. Williams, Michael F. Willis, Dean E. Wilson, Thomas H. Wimmer and Austin M. Young, all of Greenwood; Candase L. Crawford, Marvin B. Dorn, Natachia C. Evans, Jeffrey F. Harling, Kenzie Sartain, William J. Sellew, Christy M. Ward, Kenneth L. Washington and Jessica H. Wood, all of Hodges; Shawn S. Anderson, Stephanie O. Balchin, Jayde H. Brooks, Tony R. Butler, Eshane D. Cooley, April M. Crisp, Sean Hart, Jessica M. Holmes, Emily S. Kelley Adele E. Kelly, Alexis T. Louden, Hannah G. Madden, John H. Martin, Crystal C. Norris, Dylan C. Scott, Hunter R. Slack, Chesney C. Thomas, Melissa Whitcomb and Christopher S. Williams, all of Ninety Six; James A. Nicholson of Troy; Melrose W. Brownlee, Kyle Jones and Andrew P. Leiby, all of Ware Shoals.

Grovetown, Ga., - Joyce B. Richards.

Horry County - Michelle R. Lippincott of Conway.

Laurens County - Alice R. Benjamin, Barbara A. Caldwell, Karrame R. Campbell, Matthew S. Canupp, Kendrick L. Copeland, Justin J. Cunningham, Jason English, Quayle J. Evans, James J. Fruehwirth, Marshall D. Fulmer, Stephanie M. Gregory, Croft H. Griffin, Joan Gutierrez, Christina R. Halse, Michael E. Holbert, Luis A. Jeronimo-Lucas, Eugena C. Lewis, Jean O. Montjoy, Tammy J. Owens, Ryan J. Oyeneyin and LaTonya Simpson, all of Clinton; Mario F. Peterson of Cross Hill; Elizabeth A. Pinner of Fountain Inn; Deon L. Byrd, Brendan Golding, Kenneth B. Griffin, Braxton Michels, Carla T. Shaw and Jessica L. Stroud, all of Gray Court; Jennifer M. Page of Honea Path; Joshua V. Tarver of Joanna; Erica N. Lewis of Kinards; Marie P. Bishop, Whitney S. Booker, Allen Clayton, Barbara J. Cliatt, Jeannette N. Coleman, Roger K. Gamble, Kipakai I. Imaizumi, Patina A. Jones, Barbara P. Killough, Jammie P. King, Levi B. Martin, Brian K. Nelson, Joseph D. Phillips, Angela T. Prevost, Kelton T. Roddy, Carly M. Smith, Stephen M. Smith, Nicole L. Tavenner, Hannah C. Tumblin and Benjamin L. Word, all of Laurens; Michael C. Eubanks and Kristin S. Nixon, both of Mountville; Kelli C. Giroux, Christina D. Hudgens, Amanda N. McClain, Sydney Posey, Lauren W. Scarborough and Susan M. Tatham, all of Ware Shoals; Katelra Gaston, Cory A. Green and Virginia C. Henderson, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Desiree T. Myers of Batesburg; Samantha Q. Saverance of Chapin; Jennifer Dresser and Nicole V. Lawrence, both of Columbia; Rachel Creech and Sherrie L. Drafts, both of Leesville; Mariah E. Gaughan and Shannon B. Hughes, both of Lexington; and Tera D. Walton of West Columbia.

Lincolnton, Ga., - Florence T. Sandifer.

McCormick County - Dustin J. Alsbrooks, Brenda L. Gaston and Andrew J. Hudgens, all of McCormick; Connor B. Hullings, Patricia L. Thew and Donna S. Wall, all of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Scurry R. Elrod and Bobby L. Skelton, both of Chappells; Makenzie Cromer and Elizabeth A. Richardson, both of Little Mountain; Catherine R. Beggs, Stephanie E. Boozer, Courtney L. Breaux, John C. Brooks, Michelle H. Burns, Bailey L. Doolittle, Austin, B. Dycus, Hannah Floyd, Samantha E. Gillespie, Rasheed S. Griffin, Donald S. Groseclose, Jennie Jackson, Camisha Jones, Christy M. Jotte, Amelia A. Lewis, Tammie Lominick, Megan A. Long, Kenley C. Longshore, Alaina N. Monts, Savanna L. Moore, Karen A. O’Donald, Rebecca S. Olson, Hetal Patel, Samantha Rikabi, Travodde C. Roberson, Sarah Jane Senn, Tracy C. Singleton, Eric L. Smith and Stephanie A. Wilson, all of Newberry; Jonathon D. Brunson, Claire E. Doolittle, Ann F. Oseman and Mariah S. Reisman, all of Pomaria; Cristen Aiken, James L. Aiken Jr., Brandy R. Babb, Erin N. Fallaw, Matthew E. Gentry, Jarod Joiner, Marie L. Peters, Peter G. Rambo, Emondae G. Ruff, Jennifer Shealy, Barbara J. Williams and Amber N. Worthy, all of Prosperity; Bailey A. Humphries of Silverstreet; Linda G. Anderson, Pat Coleman, Christopher B. Crumpton and Donna B. Harris, all of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Curtis R. Skiles of Seneca.

Pickens County - Hope A. Falls of Clemson; and Jesseca H. Standridge of Liberty.

Richland County - Debra M. Asbill and Andrea R. Haynes, both of Columbia; Kimberly R. Combs and Michala J. Grinnell, both of Irmo.

Richlands, N.C., - Marcus Moyer.

Royston, Ga., - Amber Campbell.

Saluda County - Thomas C. Brillon and Debra S. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Houston M. Russell of Leesville; Allison C. Able, Carley N. Boone, Paula H. Bowers, Carson A. Buzhardt, Lorraine H. Calhoun, Robert Coleman, Emily Davis, Erika G. Griffith, Lucy B. Harmon, Ashley N. Jones, Carey V. Ridgell, Allison E. Robertson, Justin L. Rodgers, Donna G. Rushton and Benjamin H. Webb, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Kristy N. Stadalsky of Campobello; Jonathan D. Yuhasz of Pacolet; Susie K. Crowder and Ashley M. Polson, both of Woodruff.

Union County - Lauren K. Whitmire and Shimia I. Hunter, both of Whitmire.