Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2016 Summer Term

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2016 summer term have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students:

Abbeville County - Timothy A. Cann, Richard A. Coleman and Jorge D. Ortega, all of Abbeville.

Anderson County - Broch E. Travis of Anderson; Brandon C. Kelley and James H. Smith, both of Honea Path.

Dorchester County - Brandi A. Mims of North Charleston.

Grand Junction, Colorado - Garrett Wachtel.

Greenville County - James R. Kauffman of Fountain Inn; and Robert W. Griffith of Greenville.

Greenwood County - Charles R. Clinemyer of Donalds; Ashley N. Devore, Carlos D. Hill, Fernandez Hunter, Alexander N. Kordus, Samuel Hernandez Moreno, Maria C. Ordonez, Dakota M. Potts, Debra K. Robinson, and Timothy D. Smith, all of Greenwood; Michelle T. Horton of Hodges; Daniel Z. Todd of Troy; and Sean C. McAlister of Ninety Six.

Laurens County - Jared K. Morgan of Enoree; Denise A. Tribble of Fountain Inn; Jonathan Ellis and Caleb Faulkner, both of Gray Court; Tiffany M. Bercume, Timothy G. Gibson, Sanita S. Grant and Justin Holliday, all of Laurens; Alan B. Guevara-Gonzalez and Delbert N. Murray, both of Cross Hill.

Lexington County - Brandon L. Myers of Lexington.

Newberry County - Briana M. Arnold and Kayla Rion, both of Little Mountain; Barry Heffner of Newberry; Grace M. Alger, Michael S. Hunter, Shawn S. Martin and Chris G. Shealy, all of Prosperity; and James K. McDaniel of Whitmire.

Newport, Kentucky - Ben Schlosser.

Pickens County - Anthony Simmons of Easley.

Richland County - Adam K. Newton of Columbia.

Saluda County - Jacob L. Shealy of Batesburg.

Spartanburg County - Jacky C. Middlebrooks of Spartanburg.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students:

Abbeville County - Colton D. Smith of Iva.

Anderson County - Andrew B. Smalley of Honea Path.

Cherokee County - Amy R. King of Chesnee; and Julian C. Harrison of Gaffney.

Edgefield County - Kendre Pooser of North Augusta.

Greenville County - Audrey McKnight of Greenville; and Lisa Ashby of Greer.

Greenwood County - Tucker G. Mathews of Greenwood; William A. Avery and Tyler Gibert, both of Ninety Six.

Hiawassee, Georgia - Edward J. Noblet.

Laurens County - Jeremy Gearhart of Clinton and Karen Martin, both of Clinton; Mark D. Franks of Gray Court; Marilyn P. Copeland of Laurens; and Sandy Eustace of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Natalie Corley of Lexington.

Newberry County - Kimberly Bartley, Markevis J. Baxter and Blake A. Culbertson, all of Newberry.

Saluda County - Sharee Watts of Saluda.

Union County - Melissa M. Howell and Zachary Pettit, both of Union.

Williamsburg County - Thomas J. Conway of Kingstree.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students:

Abbeville County - James E. Allison, Justin C. Bladon, Sophia D. Bowie, Vanessa M. Gray, Austin K. Knox, Nicholas L. Manley, Daisy M. Marshall, Karen J. Martin, Olivia B. New, Jeanie E. Overholt, William J. Poore, Benjamin D. Sorrow, Jordan M. Templeton, Crystal N. Wilson and Natalie B. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Jimmy R. Beasley of Donalds; Kari E. Owens of Iva; William N. McCuen of Ware Shoals; and Brian A. Doyle of Hodges.

Aiken County - Jessica M. Letbetter and O’Shaunaessy Spann, both of Aiken.

Anderson County - Billie R. McCarter, Jason M. Moberly and Nicholas Powell, all of Anderson; Jordan P. Austin, Samantha L. McGaha and Liliya S. Sholom, all of Belton; and Zac Metts of Honea Path.

Charleston County - Randolph Solomon of Charleston; and William A. Etheridge of Mount Pleasant.

Cherokee County - Taylor Bratton of Gaffney.

Edgefield County - Micah E. Goforth, Matthew J. Linder and Jonathan D. Thomas, all of Edgefield; Donald A. Padgett of Johnston; and Lovelette M. Kenley of North Augusta.

Greenville County - Jacquelyn L. Lambert of Greenville; Adam S. Gagnon of Honea Path; and Edwina Y. Guillebeaux of Mauldin.

Greenwood County - Sarah A. Judy and Laura O. McKinney, both of Bradley; Ansley D. Allison, Luis A. Arbelo Threadgill, Yashara S. Avery, Joseph J. Bartanus, Vincent S. Bell, Jessica D. Bice, Caleb Boatwright, Kristen S. Britt, Jeremy Catoe, James Childress, Kimberly J. Cogdill, Dontavious Cooper, Jonah P. Cooper, Cameron T. Cox, Summer A. Coxe, Fallon L. Derrick, Ronake Desai, Amanda J. Duff, Joshua B. Enlow, Claudine Feussi, Krysten H. Gunter, James C. Harris, Brandon T. Hawthorne, George C. Hill, Adam K. Hitt, Melissa F. Homovich, Karen A. Hudson, James R. Jenkins, Joshua S. Jenkins, Kelly D. Jenkins, Jasmine M. Johnson, Sandra C. Calvo Juarez, Octavia J. Keeno, Andrea M. King, Linda D. Lagroon, Brandi M. Lambert, Christian M. Lee, Regis Lester, Okiemute T. Lott, Michael Mabry, Alfie Ming, Martavious D. Moates, Tiffany N. Moss, Myron C. Mullet, Amanda L. Neuman, Joshir A. Norman, Kristen Oliver, Alpaben V. Patel, Hely P. Patel, Preeti Patel, April D. Payton, Anayeli Pineda-Aviles, Nadja K. Pope, Destiny Reed, Steven W. Riddle, Kim Sansbury, Jacob R. Scruggs, Frank R. Sells, Haylea M. Simpson, Catherine J. Sligh, Danielle L. Smith, Monica C. Smith, Jerry R. Sprowl, Terri D. Stancil, Barbara Strong, Jessica L. Strutko, Jimmy R. Sweezy, Austin L. Thibeault, Georganna M. Tidwell, Kortney A. Timms, Tyler Turman, Alexander J. Walker, Brett S. Watkins, Jason A. White, Miranda N. White, Andrea R. Wideman and Matthew T. Woodyard, all of Greenwood; Taylor N. Barnett, Joshua S. Hodges, Lauren B. Mastrangelo, Johnson B. Miller and Murray C. Tinsley, all of Hodges; Virginia G. Cannon, Mekila K. Conway, Laura H. Dudley, Amanda R. Ellenburg, Dylan L. Morrison, April C. Prater, Megan E. Pruitt and Adrian T. Warren, all of Ninety Six; Kristin Paulsen of Saluda; Haley E. Cooper and Jonathan D. Riddle, both of Ware Shoals.

Kershaw County - Laura Branham of Elgin.

Lexington County - Danielle E. Derrick, Jason R. Elliott and Justin D. Shealy, all of Chapin; Lindsey E. New, Ariel W. Owen and Julie P. Rogers, all of Leesville; Alexandrea L. Apple, Stephanie G. Keisler, Ryan J. Lindler and Iriana Molusky, all of Lexington.

Laurens County - Quinton K. Amick, Daniel A. Delong, Blair L. Dendy, James J. Fruehwirth, Marshall D. Fulmer, Michael E. Holbert, Benjamin E. Patterson, Melissa A. Scott, Tammy H. Smith, Morgan T. Summers, Brandon S. Tinsley and Tyson R. Wright, all of Clinton; Megan M. Bohland, Stephanie M. Bohland and Karen A. Santiago Guevara, all of Cross Hill; Scottie Hall of Gray Court; Joel Johnson of Joanna; Rachel L. Young of Kinards; Kevin M. Butler, Zachery D. Chandler, Travis S. Dendy, Shaunna L. Donnelly, Hailey A. Hastings, Stephanie A. Jeter, John M. King, Braydon C. O’Connor, Jaquez D. Robinson, Courtney L. Suber, Robert D. Thomason, Hannah C. Tumblin, Sandra D. Williams, Alanna T. Wilson and Chelsea E. Ziegenfuss, all of Laurens; Tanner Lawing and Taylor N. Sherfield, both of Mountville; Anna Marie Chastine and Brantley L. Pressley, both of Ware Shoals; Gary Anderson, Cory A. Green, Angel M. Lothridge and Adam W. Magaha, all of Waterloo.

Lincolnton, Georgia - Natalie N. Wynn.

McCormick County - Gloria Broadwater and Kaisha Houston, both of Clarks Hill; Saveion J. Adams, Joel O. Boley, Kamron Brown, Krystal N. Chambers, Lauren N. Cutter, Bobbi C. Epps, Da’Dra Mack, Nathaniel Mason, Heather L. McNally and Toniyah Wideman, all of McCormick; Leah A. Anthony of Mount Carmel; Mataeo Durant and Donna S. Wall, both of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Christina Johns and Meghan E. Lake, both of Little Mountain; Leslie L. Andrews, Kimberly A. Breaux, Johnnetta G. Harris, Alecia Jackson, Jose L. Lozano, Ariel I. Scott, Chelsea R. Smith, Princess K. Suber, Fred W. Tucker and Brigitte D. Wheeler, all of Newberry; James L. Aiken, Shelby R. Billingsley, Keola C. Dorley, Stefanie Glenn, Tyler D. Grubbs, Stephanie A. Johnson, Gotardo Luviano, Timothy McCracken, Lisa M. SanFilippo, Aaron R. Stockman, Heather M. Whiting and Amber N. Worthy, all of Prosperity; Tammy D. Brown, Michael B. Crumpton, Anna E. Hall and Joseph L. Jones, all of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Alison N. Smith of Walhalla.

Richland County - Emily Barnes and Katina B. Burtner, both of Blythewood; Alyssa R. Turner and Letitia W. White, both of Columbia.

Saluda County - Zachary Blackmon, Lonnie J. Fulmer, Jared B. Matthews, Macie V. Sease and William H. Shealy, all of Batesburg; Hannah R. Sudduth of Chappells; Christopher T. Addy and Bryce M. Brazel, both of Ninety Six; James P. Livingston of Ridge Spring; Titus Bosket, Lorraine H. Calhoun, Kaitlin G. Courtnay, Phylis A. Etheredge, Dulce M. Gantt, Morgan Goldman, Mollie Hallback, Sandra L. Herlong, Tina M. Magnussen, Hector D. Ortiz, Andrew M. Owens and Brandon I. Vasquez, all of Saluda; and Larry D. Lange of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Shakeena L. Fowler of Duncan; Micah Regnier of Enoree; and Austin B. Tucker of Spartanburg.

Union County - Kandice B. Blackwood, Russell S. Dietz and Hannah L. Wright, all of Union.