Facts and Finds: Engineering Grads Top 2013 Salary List and More...

Salary Survey: Engineering Dominates List of Top-Paying Majors

(National Association of Colleges and Employers) It's common knowledge that engineers are in high demand. NACE's April 2013 Salary Survey further proves the point: Engineering majors claimed seven spots on the list of top-10 paying majors for 2012-13 bachelor’s degree graduates PTC offers transfer paths directly into mechanical, electrical, and engineering technology bachelor's degrees, and four Engineering Technology associate degree options.

Parents Should Find Help Now to Pay for Kids' College Later

(CNBC) Although it's true that college tuition has risen sharply all over the country, college is still affordable with some simple cost-savings measures. For those headed toward a bachelor's degree, starting at a local community or technical college is at the top of the list.

Check out how much you could save on tuition alone here.

11 health care jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree

Although you hear a lot about the value of a bachelor's degree, there are a lot of great jobs out there that don't require one. The Work Buzz lists 11 health care jobs don’t require a four-year college degree to enter the profession and have experienced the most growth in the field since 2010. 

Precision Metrology Certificate

(GoLaurens) There are also a lot of great jobs in our region's expanding manufacturing sector. PTC has recently launched a new program in Laurens to help companies hone the skills of their workforce on cutting-edge Zeiss metrology equipment.

Loans Back in the Spotlight

(The Christian Science Monitor) The debate about the future of student loan interest rates continues in Washington. Find out what's at stake.

Grads Wish They Were More Savvy About College Debt, Survey Shows

(Education Week) Half of all recent college graduates say they are "surprised" at how much debt they accumulated in college, according to a survey conducted by the research firm ORC International. Our recommendation is that college should be viewed as an investment. Since you'll be paying back any loans you take out for a very long time, you should keep in mind how much you're likely to earn after graduation and borrow as little as possible. 

How to Identify Your Transferrable Skills

When it's time to look for a job, many people feel lost. But whatever your level of experience, you've likely learned skills that could help you get your foot in the door. CareerBuilder offers some tips in this useful article.