Health Science Programs Reach 100 Percent Pass Rate

Recent graduates of four of Piedmont Technical College’s health science programs have achieved the elusive mark of perfection.

Students who graduate from the health science programs are required to take national certification exams to enter their fields. Over the past year, students at Piedmont Tech have excelled. The respiratory care program, pharmacy technology program and the radiologic technology program all earned a 100 percent pass rate for the most recent class of graduates. The surgical technology program had a 95 percent pass rate.

These results are actually on track with the traditions of the division. This is the second consecutive year of 100 percent pass rate for the pharmacy technology program and the radiologic technology program has maintained 100 percent pass rate five of the last seven years. The surgical technology program is ranked in the top 10 percent in the nation for their pass rate.

“Our goal is to achieve 100 percent every year,” said Jerry Alewine, dean of health sciences.

One approach used by the programs is getting students into the clinical setting as soon as possible, usually within the first or second semester. Alewine said this tactic creates a more solid foundation for learning.

“There is so much that you learn in the classroom that it can be overwhelming,” Alewine said. “But, when you go to the hospital and see that knowledge in practice, it becomes more real.”

The other key to the success of the programs according to Alewine is that the program directors and instructors constantly compare the testing matrixes to the curriculum to ensure that the students are being taught all aspects of the profession.

“We are obviously meeting and exceeding the expectations of the professions we are preparing our students to enter,” Alewine said. “These results tell us we have a very strong curriculum, very apt instructors and we are providing our students with the instruction they need.”

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