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Piedmont Tech Early Care and Education Hosts Annual Literacy Event

Piedmont Technical College’s early care and education program (ECD) recently hosted an event to promote literacy for nearly 100 area preschoolers from Noah’s Ark, Mud Pies, Lifetime Discoveries, Children’s Courtyard and Learning Vine.

The annual event came about because of the ECD Club’s involvement in past Literacy Alive events. When that event was discontinued, the students wanted to continue to introduce literacy to preschool students in the community.

“We try to bring literacy into every class that we teach,” said Claudia Edwards, program director for ECD. “We are really encouraging them to do that in their own classroom because it’s one of the best things you can do for children - read to them and give them a love of reading.”

The event, which was centered around “Pete the Cat,” was planned and implemented by students in the ECD program and each aspect of the day utilized the concepts taught in various classes. The preschoolers participated in a variety of activities including an interactive read-a-loud, math games and songs with movement. Each child also received a free book provided by funds raised by the ECD program and the centers were given a box of 10 “Pete the Cat” books.

“It’s always helpful for our students to be able to work with the children and see what it takes to organize something like this,” said Rhonda Pendergrass, ECD instructor.

For the students, the event was not only helpful, but also eye-opening.

“This was my first time interacting with kids that I’m not related to,” said Kayden Lopez of Greenwood. “The event prepared me even more because it gave me a little taste of what I was going to experience.”

“I think the Piedmont Technical College students are getting a realistic experience,” said Susan Orck with Lifetime Discoveries. “It’s real-life experiences that they need to apply to their own classrooms rather than just what a book says might happen. That’s what they can file away and use when they’re out in the real world.”

For more information on the ECD program, contact Edwards at (864) 941-8787 or

Photo Caption: Piedmont Technical College’s early care and education program (ECD) recently hosted its annual event to promote literacy for nearly 100 area preschoolers. Pictured, preschoolers from Lifetime Discoveries and Noah’s Ark transition through the many activities offered during the event.