Piedmont Technical College Launches Condensed CNC Training

Meeting the workforce training needs of business and industry is a major part of Piedmont Technical College’s mission. PTC’s Continuing Education Division specializes in offering a wide range of customized training programs on a regular basis. One example of this specialization is a condensed CNC (Computer Numerical Control) class recently created for ZF Transmissions.

The CNC operations certificate is generally a two semester class where students are in class 12-18 hours a week. The class requested by ZF will condense the program into one semester with new employees in class 30 hours a week.

“It’s a lot, but that’s what ZF wants because they want these employees to be trained when they come in the door,” said Rusty Denning, associate vice president of Continuing Education and Economic Development.

While the class has been created at the request of ZF, Denning says it is not limited to that company.

“The beauty of what we do is that any change of format is available to anyone,” Denning said. “What we’re trying to do is be as flexible as possible for area businesses.”

The condensed CNC format is just the latest in programs created to accelerate the training process for businesses. The QuickSkills program created last year offers three different certificates that can be completed in six weeks and is offered at several different start dates each term. The three concentrations - Manufacturing Assembly Operator, Quality Assurance Technician and CNC Operations – are offered at the PTC Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) in Laurens County along with soft skills training through the Workforce Readiness Center.

Classes such as the condensed CNC certificate and the QuickSkills program demonstrate Piedmont Tech’s commitment to industry.

“Look at almost any program available at the college. The normal approach doesn’t have to be the format we teach it in. We can adjust it,” Denning said. “That’s one thing the college has prided itself on – if your business needs a unique approach, we can meet your needs.”

For more information, contact Continuing Education at (864) 941-8400.