PTC Foundation Creates SOS Fund for Students

March 27, 2020

College is a second home for many of our students, and during this pandemic, the Piedmont Technical College (PTC) Foundation understands that some students may have new academic concerns, and may have issues with basic necessities like paying for food, rent, and childcare as their incomes are compromised by business shutdowns. In response, the Foundation has created the new Supporting Our Students (SOS) Fund to help.

“Our students are our family, and right now many of them are experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” PTC President Dr. Ray Brooks said. “At times like this, our students’ needs transcend tuition and books. I am very thankful that the PTC Foundation made these funds available.”

It is worth noting that PTC has been providing emergency assistance to students for decades. In 1988, for instance, faculty and staff members worked with the Foundation to create the Carroll J. Williams Student Assistance Fund to memorialize a late PTC instructor known for reaching into his own pocket to help needy students through an emergency situation. With ongoing contributions from PTC employees and other donors, the fund was endowed so it would continue to grow resources to help students pay for everyday necessities during unforeseen calamities. These funds will also remain available to PTC students.

“I am very proud of what our faculty and staff members are doing to stay connected with our students under very challenging circumstances,” said Brooks. “Like Carroll Williams, I know our faculty and staff have a heart for these students and the troubles they face in and out of the classroom. These funds serve as further example of their commitment to help each student reach their goals.”

The PTC Foundation has a long history of helping students in need. It awards numerous scholarships that help students with tuition and books, maintains emergency funds like SOS and more. It’s important for students worried about the future of their education to be aware of the many financial resources regularly available to those who would like to proactively enroll now for the summer or fall semester.

“Over the years, funds like this have assisted many students. Some lost a home due to a fire; some required gas money to travel to and from class; others needed funds to pay utility bills due to job loss,” said Fran Wiley, associate vice president for development at the PTC Foundation. “Like the beloved late instructor in whose honor the Carroll Williams fund was established, all members of the PTC Area Commission, the college’s leadership team, faculty and staff members, and donors from outside of the college have reached into their pockets to generate the funding needed to provide assistance to our students.”

PTC students in dire circumstances can apply to the SOS Fund online at

“During uncertain times,” Brooks said, “we want our students to have a more certain path forward. We can’t solve all of their problems, but it’s our hope that the SOS Fund will help stand in the gap to ensure they can get through this challenging time and continue with their studies.”

The SOS Fund can begin distributions to students in need immediately. However, the PTC Foundation also welcomes public and private contributions specifically to this fund.  Those wishing to donate to the SOS Fund may do so online at