PTC Receives State-of-the-Art ZF Transmission

TransmissionPiedmont Technical College’s automotive technology program is continuing to lead the way in preparing its graduates for the workforce. To maintain that level of readiness, the program’s cache of tools is growing with the addition of a new nine-speed transmission from ZF in Laurens.

The Advanced Manufacturing ZF Transmission project was one of the projects recently awarded funding through the Duke Energy Foundation and the Clemson Center for Workforce Development (CUCWD). The project will incorporate the transmissions that are being produced by the ZF plant in Laurens County into the curriculum for the automotive technology program.

“I want to give the students exposure to every aspect of the automotive industry,” said Brad Emery, program director for automotive technology. “I try to cater to all areas of the industry, from manufacturing to repair to sales and service.”

The nine-speed transmission is another teaching device provided by ZF to the automotive technology department. The company also provided the program with an eight-speed transmission last year. Each transmission has been completely disassembled and the parts displayed in an expanded configuration.

“It helps the students put their hands on the pieces when we’re talking about it,” Emery said. “It helps them understand what they are working on when they can see it.”

These new transmissions are beginning to appear in some new models from Audi, BMW, Chrysler and Land Rover and will be something the students will see in the workforce within the next several years.

“If the students are working in a dealership, they will be seeing these new transmissions now. For an independent repair shop, they will see them in three to five years due to factory warranties,” said Emery. “Our goal is the make sure our students are prepared for almost anything they may encounter, especially the newest technology that is out there.”

For more information on the automotive technology program, contact Emery at (864) 941-8468 or

Photo Caption: Piedmont Technical College’s automotive technology program recently received a new nine-speed transmission from ZF Transmission. The new transmission, like the eight-speed transmission previously donated from ZF (pictured) will be used as a teaching device for students.