Why Companies Should Use the Local Technical College as a Resource

Most technical college training programs are customized to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. 

Whether this means studying your process in order to meet the learning objectives that are most important to you, or pulling information from multiple programs to create a single offering that covers the topics that are most applicable, your local technical college is prepared to meet these needs.


Technical colleges make training convenient. Busy schedules and little or no room for time off the job can make it difficult to fit training in. Most technical colleges are able to provide instruction for every shift on any day of the week. Training can usually be conducted on-site, or at a college campus near you. Contact your local technical college to determine which option will best meet your needs.


Many technical college instructors have real-world experience in the field in which they teach. Since technical college programs are usually very hands-on, this is especially beneficial.  An instructor with real world experience who provides training using real world examples is most effective and provides the highest quality training in the workplace.


Technical colleges work with organizations of all sizes, from small and medium local businesses, to large, multinational corporations. Training budgets vary and it is our goal to make training affordable. At Piedmont Technical College, we make a point provide the customer with the maximum impact for their training dollars. We're also able to connect you with organizations and services that can sometimes provide monetary assistance with training needs or tax credits if businesses in South Carolina meet specific qualifications for their programs. Some of PTC's frequent partners are: 

  • readySC: readySC provides training for new and expanding businesses who meet specific criteria. Learn more about readySC and how to find out if your organization qualifies for services here.

  • Enterprise Zone: The Enterprise Zone Retraining Credit Program helps existing industries maintain their competitive edge and retain their existing workforce by allowing them to claim a Retraining Credit for existing production employees. To learn more about this program, contact your local technical college’s Continuing Education department

  • Apprenticeship Carolina:  Take advantage of this program and receive the available state tax credit, achieve a higher skill level among your employees, notice improved productivity, develop a structured and consistent training plan, and create a reliable plan for the future. 

  • SC Works: SC Works staff work directly with employers to deliver a variety of workforce training, recruiting and incentive programs to help grow business. 


In business, the bottom line is of utmost importance. Hours spent training are worthless if participants aren’t able to immediately implement what they’ve learned. Technical college training programs are developed with the end in mind—effectiveness. Our goal is that participants are able to complete training and immediately apply key principles in the workplace to make a difference within their organization. 

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If you're interested in learning more about your local technical college’s training services, contact the Continuing Education office online, or call (864) 941-8400.