Presidential Ambassador Aime Lorick Eyes Career in Nursing

Aime Lorick had an epiphany in 11th grade that led to her pursuit of a nursing degree at Piedmont Technical College (PTC), where she also serves as a Presidential Ambassador representing the college. She realized the inherent value of newborns from day one.

“I want to be reminded of miracles every day,” Lorick said. “That’s why I want to be a labor-and-delivery nurse.”

The Saluda resident was raised in a large family that included four natural siblings plus two step-siblings. The busy household was always noisy with a lot going on at once. It solidified her love of family and desire to teach.

“I have always said I was going to be either a nurse or a teacher,” she explained. “By choosing nursing, I get to do both, because nurses teach their patients and others. They are teaching every day.”

Lorick and her husband, Henry, are the parents of a daughter, 3-year-old Audrey Grace. She is confident that her career choice will enhance her family’s income and quality of life. Part of that is the goal of home ownership.

While she works toward graduation in May 2019, Lorick is completing an externship at Self Regional Healthcare. It’s an experience she will never forget.

“Externing at Self Regional gives you real exposure,” she said. “You get to do a lot more hands-on things. I have been to the NICU and the L&D departments. I am getting to see the difference between departments and how I will need to think differently in each area. … You usually get one nurse to one student, rather than a whole group to one nurse. It’s more individualized.”

During her time at Self Regional, Lorick has witnessed a live birth and enjoyed learning the differences among clinical specialties. She tears up at the thought of realizing her dream of graduating debt-free and working in the labor-and-delivery field.

“People say I am tender-hearted,” she said. “I feel blessed to go to Piedmont Tech. I am thankful for the instructors who take the time to get to know me. They understand I have other things going on outside of school. And my friends at PTC know what I am going through. … Every semester that I have had at PTC has molded me into who I am today.”

One of the most valuable lessons Lorick has learned during her training is to recognize and respect the individuality of each patient.

“Don’t treat every patient as a ‘case,’ even if you have seen this condition many times before,” she said. “Everyone is unique. Sometimes they just need you to hold their hand and reassure them. Every patient is different.”