Saluda High Student Prepared for College with Dual Enrollment

Hector Ortiz knew the dual enrollment classes he took through Piedmont Technical College would help him get there.

“I decided to take dual enrollment classes because I wanted to get the college experience and get credit while I’m in it,” Ortiz said. “The classes really challenged me to organize my time.”

He said the classes he has taken have given him a clear understanding of what to expect when he gets to college.

“At the high school, the teacher may lecture you and that’s probably all you’ll need to know,” Ortiz said. “The dual enrollment classes are more fast-paced and more self-paced. You have to learn how to study more on your own.”

Not only did the classes prepare him for the college experience, Ortiz said he believes the experience helped him with the admissions process at his destination college.

“I think the transfer aspect is easier,” he said. “You have credits and experience, so that makes you more desirable. It could even open the door for more scholarships and financial aid.”

As a first-generation college student, Ortiz is proud of himself and thankful for being guided by his family and teachers.

“My family has been so supportive of me and this choice,” he said. “Getting to college would have been a challenge, but the dual enrollment classes helped him get there.”

Ortiz is now studying Biology at Wofford College. 

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