University Transfer — Science

Each year, hundreds of students transfer credits earned at Piedmont Tech to four-year colleges and universities all over the region. Completing a transfer program at Piedmont Technical College will give you a tremendous advantage as you step toward a bachelor's degree.

Credentials offered

Why Start at PTC?

There's no getting around it. A four-year degree can be expensive. But by completing a portion of your education at PTC, you'll save thousands. And best of all, when you graduate from your destination school, you'll have the same degree as someone who started there as a freshman--without the debt.

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

High school students applying to college are judged on their high school GPA, class rank and performance on the ACT or SAT. But as a transfer student, most four-year institutions will only look at your Piedmont Tech GPA for admissions purposes--and some may only look to see if you've earned an associate degree. You may have a better chance of getting into your top school as a transfer student.

And through unique opportunities like the Undergraduate Research Initiative, you'll be better prepared to excel when you start at your destination school.

Seamless Transfer Experience

As part of the University Transfer offerings, Piedmont Technical College also has 10 bridge programs in place with colleges and universities all over South Carolina. If you know where you're headed, these programs are a great way to ensure you're getting exactly the coursework you'll need when you transfer.

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Cost Savings and Convenience

If you complete a portion of your education here, you'll save thousands in tuition costs and fees. And with lots of financial aid options and a tuition payment plan, we work to make higher education affordable for everyone.

About the Program

The Associate in Science degree stresses mathematics and natural/physical sciences and is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year program and for students who wish to broaden their general knowledge. The aim of the A.S. program is to prepare students who are seeking a four-year baccalaureate major in academic fields such as mathematics, science, engineering, pre-med, veterinary medicine, chiropractic and education.

Plus, with seven locations, chances are that you'll be able to take many of your courses close to home to save on housing and commuting costs. Our extensive selection of online courses make getting your start at Piedmont Tech even more convenient.