Career Pathways

Deciding on the best path to your career is a big decision. And we know you have questions.

You will leave our classrooms ready for today's jobs, and you'll get there in a timeframe that works best for your life. 

Maybe you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone to pursue a degree that will lead to a rewarding career. Maybe you need short-term training so you can get to work quickly. Whatever questions you have, Piedmont Technical College can help you find a path to a successful future. 

Make It Flexible

At PTC, there are multiple paths to reaching your career goals. For instance, you can:

  • Choose to complete a full associate degree
  • Stop in and out for training as necessary to boost your career over time
  • Start building a foundation for four-year college and save big on their way to a bachelor's degree

No matter what you choose, PTC offers clear, flexible pathways that prepare you to join, reenter or move up in the workforce. 

Where would you like to start?

You can choose to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate that leads to an in-demand job that will allow you to get to work in two years or less.  In direct consultation with employers in our region, PTC has designed several programs that will prepare you directly for entry-level employment in two semesters or less.  PTC offers 300+ different courses that can help you boost your skills and get ahead at work, or get you started in a new career. We update our course listings at least once a week. You can complete a wide variety of courses online. The college also offers some full degree programs in this format. With a proper internet connection, you can take your online class at a location of your choice--24/7.

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I want a four-year degree. Where do I start?

We know that the career you are looking for might require more than a two-year degree. That’s why we make it easy to start at PTC, and transfer to the college of your choice. You can enter your destination college as a junior and finish your degree in a couple more years—saving over $10,000 in the process.

Whether you already have a college in mind or you are unsure, we can help you map your way and understand this process better.

Want to see just how much you can save? Try out our cost comparison tool to see how we compare to four-year colleges in the state.

Can I take classes for fun?

Whether you’re looking for summer camps for your kids, or something for yourself, such as a photography or cooking class, PTC offers a host of personal enrichment classes that are very affordable.

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I own a business, what training options are available for my employees?

All of the options mentioned above are available to your employees. Plus, if you offer any kind of tuition reimbursement incentive, we can help you promote that to your employees. In addition to our credit offerings, we also offer a range of training options that can help increase the skills of your existing workforce.

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