American Rescue Plan: Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students HEERF III

Acknowledgment and Assurances

Piedmont Technical College acknowledges that the institution signed and returned to the US Department of Education the Certification and Agreement for the American Rescue Plan Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students and assures that the institution has used, or intends to use the full student portion allocation received under Section 314(a)(1) of the ARP to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. 

Total Funds Received

Piedmont Technical College has received $6,823,881 in total funds pursuant to the institution’s Certification and Agreement for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students.

Amount of Grants Awarded

The total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants awarded to students at PTC as of  July 31, 2021 is $1,116,271

Eligible Students

The estimated total number of students at Piedmont Technical College eligible to receive Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students for HEERF III as of July 31, 2021 is:  1,968.

Number of Grants Awarded

Piedmont Technical College has awarded 1,871 students grants under the ARP.

Disbursement Allocation and Plan

All students  who were degree seeking and enrolled for Summer 2021 term have been deemed eligible for a base award. Pell recipients have been awarded $650 and all other students were awarded $500. PTC’s award date was July 15, 2021. Base Awards were posted and distributed directly to students via direct deposit or paper check.

Updated: July 31, 2021