Faculty Resources & Services

Library Tours & Instruction

Librarians will arrange to meet with your students to introduce them to the library and its resources. Most sessions take place Room 205K of the Information Commons and are followed by a tour and/or activity. Librarians are also happy to lead sessions in PEN Rooms, computer labs, or at the County Campuses. Instruction sessions may also be geared toward particular assignments and/or subjects. Contact Carol Dial at (864) 941-8647 to schedule class instruction.

Reserve Collection

The Library provides a reserve service to give faculty a way to temporarily share limited resources with students in a particular course. The library has revised policies regarding the reserve collection. Please review the full reserve policy and contact Kayla Leopard at (864) 941-8577 with any questions.

Collection Development Opportunities

The library staff works hard to maintain a collection that fulfills the need of students and faculty in every curriculum offered by the college. This task is best accomplished when faculty actively participate in the selection process. If you have requests for library purchases, please contact  Carol Dial  at (864) 941-8647. If you do not have a specific request but are concerned with a gap or weakness in the collection, the library staff can also provide you with catalogs and other resources for identifying items for purchase.

PTC Copyright Center

The PTC Copyright Center takes you to resources that have been specifically developed by the library staff for PTC instructors and students. You will find general copyright resources, information about using protected materials in PTC’s various course formats, a way to document your attempts to comply, and more.

Subject Bibliographies

The library staff is happy to compile subject bibliographies or research guides for your students. The bibliographies or research guides may cover a wide subject range or be more specific for a particular assignment. Contact Carol Dial at (864) 941-8647.

Flexible Borrowing Privileges

As a college employee, you may borrow almost any library item including reference (special need) and periodicals. We neither limit nor fine employees, but we do ask that items be returned and/or renewed on time for the benefit of other library users. If materials are lost, you will be charged $40 for each lost item.

Chronicle of Higher Education

PTC has a site license to The Chronicle of Higher Education, available to all faculty and staff, both on and off campus. Go to chronicle.com.  While on campus, you may immediately access all content from the journal, as well as archived issues.  The same content is also available to you off campus; all you need to do is to create your own account.  The PTC Library also maintains a print subscription to The Chronicle.