Basic Statistics in Minitab

Location: Center Advanced Manufacturing
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    May 17 2021 to Aug 2 2021 | M | 8:00 am - 9:00 am
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This class will cover an overview of Minitab spreadsheet, session window, tools, basic graphs, basic statistics, control charts and process capability. The class focus is on the use of Minitab. One should already have a working understanding of the statistics covered as the class is not intended to teach statistics. You will receive a notebook, a memory stick with work files and access to D2L. There you will find instructor narrated slides with step-by-step instructions. The instructor is also available by email or virtual meeting to answer questions and provide coaching. Each person needs a computer with Windows 8.2 or newer, access to the internet and access to Minitab (free 30 day trial from Minitab). Upon successful completion of the class and exercises, you will receive a certificate for .8 CEUs.

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