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Workplace Immersion for Educators Coming Summer 2021

We invite you to become involved with a local company this summer to better inform and prepare your students for opportunities in our local workforce.  Earn recertification credits and a $900 stipend while learning about the jobs, skill sets, technologies, and processes prevalent in today’s industries.

Primary Industries of Focus: Advanced Manufacturing, Bio-Technology, Information Technology, Construction/Trades, and Transportation/Distribution/Logistics.


How Can Workplace Immersion Benefit You?
  • Complete 25-30 hours within the company.
  • Participate in an additional professional development day and an industry tour day (COVID permitting).
  • Complete lesson plans from your summer experiences that will be incorporated into your instruction in the fall semester.
  • Receive recertification credits upon completion of your Workplace Immersion experience as well as your lesson plans.
  • Receive a $900 stipend when the Workplace Immersion experience is completed.
Important Dates

Below are important dates for the summer Workplace Immersion experience. Please note which ones are mandatory given your county.  Additionally, know that your work schedules are intended to be flexible. You will have several weeks to complete 25-30 hours. If you have vacations or other important commitments during this time, please communicate them in your application, and in most cases, we should be able to accommodate them.

April 16 - Application Deadline
May 20*, 4:30pm - Orientation
June 14 - Start Date (Colleges, Greenwood and McCormick counties)
June 21 - Start Date (Abbeville, Edgefield, Newberry and Saluda counties)
June 28 - Start Date (Laurens County)
June 29* - Professional Development Session A (Greenwood and McCormick counties)/Company Tour
July 8* - Celebration Ceremony (Greenwood and McCormick counties)
July 13* - Professional Development Session B (Abbeville, Edgefield, Laurens, Newberry and Saluda counties)/Company Tour
July 30* - Final Celebration Ceremony (all other counties)

 *Mandatory Dates

Applications are due by April 16, 2021. 

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