Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: January 20, 2017

Organization: Greenville Technical College

City: Greenville, SC

Wages/Salary: $32,838 - $46,799


Bachelor's degree in a related field + 2 yrs relevant experience in business management, public administration, or administrative services; or an associate's degree + 4 yrs relevant experience in business management, public administration, or administrative services.

Job Description:

Provides advanced administrative support for the Dean of Health & Wellness. Assists in preparation of division-wide reports. Provides customer service to all customers and guests. Manages administrative functions for the Health & Wellness division. Acts as a liaison between the Dean and Assistant Deans and Department Heads. Prioritizes management issues and appropriately refer. Maintains a working knowledge of all programs within the division. Prepares Dean's List certificates for distribution, faculty workload documents, part-time pay agreements, release time forms, faculty overload documents, summer load information, payroll, and dual employment forms. Performs and proofs catalog revisions. Develops important dates calendar and CareerTalk dates for division and communicates CareerTalk dates with marketing. Reviews insurance list for policy renewal and updates Insurance Reserve annually. Establishes and provides consultation and/or training on administrative policies and procedures to divisional faculty and staff. Assists with divisional compliance with affiliation agreements between the College and outside entities. Conducts confidential background checks on students entering the health science programs and communicates findings with appropriate Assistant Dean, Department Head and/or Dean. Registers all divisional clinical faculty for Healthstream and monitors compliance annually. Monitors compliance with annual budgets; consults with Department Heads regularly regarding
availability of funds and preparation of funding requests. Assists in the completion of departmental budgets and coordinates annual divisional inventory. Utilizes Outlook to communicate by e-mail, the Internet for research, MS Office Word, Access, and Excel to complete word processing and spreadsheet tasks. Composes communication documents in all formats and proofread divisional documents for accuracy. Utilizes Colleague for student and course information and to complete requisitions and review purchase orders and vendor information. Provides support for divisional faculty and staff with implementation and utilization of Colleague and other computer programs to maintain smooth workflow processes. There may be other duties assigned related to divisional support.

Application Process:
Interested applicants must visit to complete and submit an online application. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completed online applications.