Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 24, 2016

Organization: Crown Casting

City: Hodges, SC

Job Description:

? Operate CNC Controlled 5 axis router safely and effectively
? Learn the ZW 3D software programing to convert 3 D models into 5 Axis Router programs
? Review, analyze and interpret 2D and 3D drawings
? Learn fundamental Pattern Making skills including but not limited to Core placement, Core box manufacture, Pattern Manufacture, gating, riser sizing and placement, pattern shrinkage, pattern draft,
? Apply pattern making skills through 5 Axis Router programing and artisan bench work
? Learn to create 3D models for Castings, Patterns and core boxes in CAD programing software.
? Complete Daily assignments from Pattern Shop & tooling Manager
? Learn the Foundry casting process
? Validate and Implement the 3D printing process
? Layout castings to verify dimensional compliance with customer prints and models
? Assist in the development of gages for final and in-process inspection
? Operate all patternmaking equipment safely and effectively including but not limited to Lathes, end mills, saws, planners and sanders

Contact Name:
Doug Corriher
Application Process:
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