Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 3, 2013

Organization: State of South Carolina Department of Transportation- District 2

City: Newberry

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Wages/Salary: The state salary range is from $25,627.00 to $47,413.00. The agency hiring minimum range is 26,395.00 and the maximum range is 47,413.00.


A high school diploma and two (2) years of experience that is directly related to the area ofemployment; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations.

Job Description:

You will train in bridge inspection under experienced technicians in order to receive foundation certification; inspect roadway construction including the placement of fill material in embankments; perform compaction tests utilizing the nuclear density gauge to ensure contract requirements are met; direct contractor to alter work processes to ensure SCDOT specifications are met in regard to acceptability of embankment material and moisture content; inspect placement of concrete and other types of drainage pipe.Inspects construction of catch
basins, curb and gutter, all bases, rip-rap placement, guardrail, asphalt roadway, seeding, and traffic line painting. Performs NPDES erosion control inspection and monitoring; inspect erosion control items to ensure compliance with NPDES permit requirements; direct contractor to correct and/or add additional erosion control items if needed; receive earthwork certification and erosion certification after gaining necessary experience and successful completion of certification test; perform asphalt roadway inspection by checking rates of placement, visually
and using a nuclear density gauge to determine acceptability of finished product, check rates of tack dispensed, monitors roller patterns, monitors 15 replacement of painted lines; receive asphalt roadway certification after gaining necessary experience and successful completion of certification test; assist other inspections to ensure all required samples and certifications on assigned projects are obtained and kept up to date; enter all certifications and sampling in site manager as necessary; check to ensure that all certifications are found on an SCDOT
approval sheet, if there is one; ensure contractor is using material as certifications state; perform field tests of materials including: determining gradation of aggregates, compaction tests on earthwork, air, temperature, slump and preparation of compressive strength cylinders on Portland cement concrete; train on total station and associated software including roadway centerline re-establishment; checking alignment and grade of work performed by contractors under contractor furnished lines and grades on road and bridge projects; referencing critical control points on the project including bench marks, PS's and PT's; enter data from plans into data collector to perform above surveying functions; utilize total station to determine original and final elevations of borrow pits and associated software to
compute quantities; enter all field data into site manager as required; keep all required documentation for quantity verification for partial pay estimates to contractor and final as-built plans; perform traffic control monitoring on assigned projects to ensure at all times the contract specifications are met in regard to permanent sign placement, correct work zone signing, and directs contractor to correct if need; obtain and keep certification in the following: base and nuclear gauge, Portland cement concrete, asphalt roadway, and foundation; perform all wage regulation interviews and ensures posters are displayed as required by federal regulations; perform EEO/stage type inspection interviews as required by contract. Perform additional duties as required by the Assistant and Resident Construction
Engineers; perform related duties as required, including assisting local maintenance unit in emergency situations, including snow and ice, storm damage, by following snow plows, and answering telephones; assigned use of SCDOT vehicle and is required to keep clean and schedule required maintenance as necessary.

You will work Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00.
Contact Name:
Wanda Day
Application Process:
Apply online and fully complete all sections of the application. A resume may be provided, but will not substitute for completing any section of the application. Accurately respond to all Supplemental Questions since they are part of your official application and are used to initially screen applicants. Candidates must present documentation of their attainment of college degree(s) at the time of interview. Documentation must be either an official or unofficial copy of the college transcript or Letter of Verification of Degree from the Institution's Registrar's Office. If the candidate selected for the position provided an unofficial copy, it must be replaced with an official copy no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the effective date of employment. Failure to provide documentation within the required timeframe will result in termination of employment. If you have any questions, please contact WANDA DAY, SC DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION, 510 W. ALEXANDER AVENUE, GREENWOOD, SC 29646. Phone:(864)227-6971. A RESUME MAY BE INCLUDED BUT NOT SUBSTITUTED FOR COMPLETING THE ENTIRE APPLICATION. RESUMES ARE NOT REVIEWED TO DETERMINE IF AN APPLICANT MEETS REQUIREMENTS OF POSITION. SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS ARE CONSIDERED PART OF THE APPLICATION AND MUST BE COMPLETED.