Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: October 13, 2010

Organization: Charter Communications

City: Simpsonville, SC

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Ability to accurately measure distances, using tapes or other measuring devices
Ability to adhere to Local, Federal regulations and Company policies
Ability to carry, climb and operate extension ladder, (approx. 28 ft high and 75 pounds)
Ability to climb poles using gaffs, hooks and climbing belt as needed
Ability to differentiate between different sizes and colors of wires
Ability to drive Company vehicle in a safe and responsible manner
Ability to make cable connections in tight spaces by bending, reaching, twisting
Ability to operate appropriate computer or test equipment associated with position
Ability to perform job from high places (i.e. poles and roofs)
Ability to prioritize and organize effectively
Ability to work independently
Ability to work while standing 50 - 70% of the time
Ability to work with small components and wires to make cable connections
Ability to comply with all Company implemented safety procedures
Ability to work with appropriate testing equipment (e.g. signal level meters, ohm meters, etc.)
Knowledge of basic mathematics and electronics
Vision ability: close vision, peripheral vision, and ability to adjust focus
High School Diploma or equivalent Refer to Training Curriculum for comprehensive course listing.
Entry level position.
BBT I certification in first 6 mos; Valid driver's license, satisfactory driving record, and auto insurance

Job Description:

Under supervision, performs basic installations, disconnects and service changes for residential and business customers for cable television/Charter Anywhere and train in high speed internet services. Perform basic troubleshooting from tap to customer's electronic devices (TV, VCR, Modem, etc.)
Perform basic installation of all necessary cable wiring (interior and exterior) and hardware from the tap to the customer's equipment for the reception of cable and other company services that are offered for single, multi-family and/or commercial dwellings
Perform all work as necessary to conform to quality control guidelines (includes compliance with requirements outlined in applicable regulations such as: OSHA, FCC, and NEC, etc and following procedures as outlined in the Installation, Technical, Operations, and Safety Manuals, and Employee Handbook)
Perform connects (new connects and reconnects), disconnects (requested and non-pays), upgrades, downgrades, relocates, install additional outlets, and install or remove equipment (i. e. converters etc. as instructed).
Connect various options available with customer's equipment (PIP, VCR, A/B switch, etc.)
Assure proper signal levels and picture quality on all television sets, and clean the premises of all debris and materials after the installation is complete
Monitor and record system, drop, and in house leakage; Maintain records including daily logs, gas sheets, etc. as required; properly record all required information on work orders, surveys, referrals, etc.
Promote cable, internet, and other company services; educate customer on proper use of the service, including how to add additional services and access help online, channel lineups, proper equipment usage, and other services that are available; represent company as needed to collect payments and secure appropriate customer signatures
Clean, maintain, stock, and secure assigned vehicle and equipment
Perform other duties as requested by supervisor

Contact Name:
Felicia White, PHR
Application Process:
Once the link is accessed, those interested will just need to select South Carolina from the “state” drop down menu. The system will then show all positions that are available within South Carolina.