Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: September 30, 2019

Organization: Main Street United Methodist Church

Location: Greenwood

City: Greenwood

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Job Type: Full Time


Qualifications and Aptitudes:
 Must have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED). Post high school education is highly
 HVAC certification preferred.
 Knowledge of fire alarm and security systems.
 Three (3) to five (5) years of supervisory maintenance experience.
 Five (5) years working in a maintenance position.
 Strong knowledge of HVACR, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.
 Knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment.
 Be able to read and interpret construction drawings, schematics, operational and maintenance
 Computer experience (Microsoft Office, building management software).
 Purchasing and inventory knowledge and skills.
 Must have a South Carolina driver’s license.
 Knowledge of and ability to properly use hand and power tools, multi-volt/ohm meter.
 Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
 Distinguish colors.
 Job requires standing, kneeling, reaching overhead, bending, pushing and pulling, lifting and
 Must be able to work from ladders.
 Work from 25-30 feet heights.
Environmental Conditions:
 Will at times work in areas or outside in extreme heat, cold, rain, snow or ice, crawl spaces,
basements and attics.
 Self-motivated, goal oriented, flexible, innovative and possess the ability to work with little
 Team player
 Excellent problem-solving skills
 Very good communication skills both verbal and written
 Strong customer relation skills working with adults, youth and children.
 Financial accountability and accuracy expected.
 Demonstrate Christ-centered behavior at all times by treating people with dignity, respect,
compassion and integrity
 Positively represents and promotes MSUMC in all circumstances.
 Professional attitude and demeanor.
 Recognize and maintain confidentiality as appropriate.

Job Description:

The Building Superintendent performs duties, oversees custodians, volunteers and hires service providers to keep all MSUMC buildings, equipment and grounds well maintained. This position is a hands-on working supervisor position.

Responsibilities and Duties:
 Work 40 hours per week, with some flexibility and minimum supervision, maintaining hours consistent with
church office hours (8:30AM-5:00PM) weekdays and Sundays hours. However, hours may fluctuate when
needed for special church meetings and events. One weekday will be off due to Sunday obligations.
 Respond to fire and burglar alarm calls from the monitoring company.
 Assist in establishing annual facilities objectives and strategies.
 Perform day-to-day maintenance repairs of church property.
 Create weekly overview list of tasks for the custodians to record successful completion of all tasks
assigned. These lists will be used for an annual evaluation to be completed by the Building
Superintendent and submitted to the Senior Minister and SPRC chairperson.
 Provide daily supervision to at least two maintenance staff members. Supervision includes, but is not
limited to, task assignment, accountability, communication, evaluating, motivating, and potentially
 Maintain, program and monitor systems for heating and cooling in all buildings for maximum efficiency.
 Establish, and update as necessary, a detailed listing of routine maintenance and janitorial tasks to be
performed by staff for all buildings and areas with buildings (example: kitchen)
 Check vehicle logs for noted deficiencies after each use in order to maintain church vehicles in safe and
serviceable condition that they may be used in short notice.
 Order, maintain and ensure availability of all support equipment.
 Purchase supplies needed for custodial staff including all maintenance and janitorial, food for Sunday
School breakfast and kitchen supplies, and main a cost-effective inventory.
 Coordinate preventative and standard inspection scheduling.
 Make periodic church campus inspections (buildings and grounds). Identify and correct safety hazards.
 Provide written reports, including recommendations, to the Board of Trustees about potential problems,
improving services, cost effectiveness and general upkeep of the church facilities and grounds.
 Contact outside maintenance contractors as necessary and supervise them while onsite.
 Coordinate all necessary set-up and breakdowns for ministry events.
 Coordinate volunteer recruitment, development and scheduling.
 Oversee the organization of storage and work areas.
 Oversee the use of the church buildings during weddings, including opening and locking of the buildings
and clean up.
 Work with the Trustees on security matters and monitor security as directed.
 Schedule the custodians to cover any needs in the superintendent’s absence.
 Closely monitor expenses and receipts for all maintenance and repairs and provide appropriate
documentation of expenses to the financial secretary.
 Ensure church landscaping is maintained properly. Grass, shrubbery and trees cut and trimmed. Flower
beds weeded and maintained. Leaves raked and snow and ice removed during the winter.
 Attend and participate in staff meetings and present written reports for review at these meetings.
 Perform additional tasks as directed by the Senior Minister or the Board of Trustees.

Work 40 hours per week, with some flexibility and minimum supervision, maintaining hours consistent with
church office hours (8:30AM-5:00PM) weekdays and Sundays hours. However, hours may fluctuate when
needed for special church meetings and events. One weekday will be off due to Sunday obligations.
Contact Name:
Debbie Tharpe
Contact Phone Number: 864 229 7551
Application Process:
Submit a resume with at least three reference names and contact information to:
Debbie Tharpe, Administrative Assistant –
CC: Myra Greene, Staff Parish Relations Chair –
Employer Address:

211 N. Main Street
Greenwood, SC 29646
United States