Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 30, 2018

Organization: Woodfields Baptist Church

Location: Greenwood

City: Greenwood

Website: View Website

Job Type: Part Time

Wages/Salary: $10.15 per hour

Job Description:

*  Act as the church office receptionist directing phone calls, appointments, and guests throughout the church.

*  Prepare, edit, produce and when appropriate mail all church publications including church newsletter, worship bulletins and special programs.

*  Record funds received from whatever source and disburse all money contributed to the local church budget as well as keep accurate records of how money is spent within the approved church budget.

*  Make payrolls and online deposits of monthly withholdings, monthly, quarterly state and federal reports, year-end reports, W-2’s, 1099, etc. 

* Produce individual charitable-gift receipts summaries of all donations received during a calendar year and mail or sat them out for members by the middle of January each year.

Four hours/day, Monday through Thursday totaling 16 hours.
Contact Name:
Barbara Sprouse
Contact Phone Number: 864-227-6491
Application Process:
Submit resume to Woodfields Baptist Church, 1708 Marshall Road, Greenwood, SC 29646