Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: October 5, 2012

Organization: Manpower

City: Greenwood

Wages/Salary: The pay will depend on the experience you have.


The skills needed are: evaluate material specifications; maintain inspection tools or equipment; prepare technical reports or related documentation; use spreadsheet software; communicate technical information; read technical drawings; understand technical operating, service or repair manuals; use computers to enter, access or retrieve data; use knowledge of metric system; follow statistical process control procedures; understand engineering data or reports; conduct performance testing; compare findings with specifications to ensure conformance to standards; examine products or work to verify conformance to specifications; grade, classify, or sort products according to specifications; mark items for acceptance or rejection, according to conformance to specifications; record test results, test procedures, or inspection data; collect samples for testing; adjust production equipment/machinery setup; fabricate, assemble, or disassemble manufactured products by hand; follow manufacturing methods or techniques; inspect manufactured products or materials; test manufactured products or materials; recognize characteristics of metals; use precision measuring tools or equipment; operate pneumatic test equipment; compute product or materials test results; maintain consistent production quality; measure, weigh, or count products or materials; operate industrial or nondestructive testing equipment; operate precision test equipment; read production layouts and specifications; read work order, instructions, formulas, or processing charts; use electrical or electronic test devices or equipment; use research methodology procedures within manufacturing or commerce; use technical information in manufacturing or industrial activities; use x-ray or magnetic inspection techniques; attach or mark identification onto products or containers; monitor repairs or maintenance to enforce standards and understand measuring devices.

Job Description:

This position will test and inspect products at various stages of the production process and compile and evaluate statistical data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products by performing the following duties. The candidate must be able to program and run coordinate measuring machine!

You will need to be able to develop and maintain calibration system for company and personal measuring instruments; program and execute programs on the CMM; read and interpret blue prints and related specifications; perform all R&R studies, evaluate the results, and recommend corrective action. Also perform complete layouts to complex prints and/or CAD data, using all precision measuring instruments.
You need to assist in the development of clear gage use instruction; certify all fixtures to established procedures and be able to recommend corrective action; maintain all appropriate records on certifications and calibrations of fixtures; review and recommend revision to appropriate personnel; synthesizes complex or diverse information; collects and researches data; uses intuition and experience to complement data; is punctual to consistently be at work on time; able to follow instruction and respond to management direction; meet production standards and complete work in a timely manner.

Contact Name:
Kina Burton
Application Process:
Please send your resume to