Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: September 18, 2020

Organization: Prisma Health

Location: Laurens

City: Clinton

Website: View Website

Job Type: Part Time

Wages/Salary: Competitive


Minimum Requirements

  • Associate's Degree - Completion of accredited radiology program
  • 1 year of Radiology experience


Required Certifications/Registrations/Licenses

  • SCRQSA - Radiology Quality Standards South Carolina License (Lawson Code RQSA)
  • ARRT certification for Radiology (Lawson Code ARRT)


In Lieu Of The Above Minimum Requirements


Team members employed in this job prior to July 1, 2020 are grandfathered under prior educational and experience requirements. In addition, team members must be certification eligible and will have one year to obtain required certification.


Other Required Skills and Experience

  • 3D Imaging experience preferred
  • ARRT certification for CT
Job Description:


  • Identifies patients and procedures.  Communicate with nursing or physician concerning patient.  Inform nursing of patients that need IV sedation or biopsies.  Fill out CT questionnaire and female questionnaire on all patients between the ages of 11-50 yrs. old.

    Positions patients accurately for all CT procedures.  Patients are transferred and positioned correctly for anatomy to be demonstrated for best visibility. Know scanning protocols in depth.  Must be able to perform procedures correctly using protocol book for reference.  Studies must be done in a timely manner and taken to the radiologist for interpretation as soon as possible after completion of exam.  Write time procedure is finished and filmed on patient board.  Films must be archived and taken to radiologist for reading. Obtains appropriate supplies and prepares room for patient.  Keeps room cleaned and stocked at all times.  Adequate supplies and linens must always be available.  Tables and trays must be cleaned after each patient. Use proper technique when injection IV contrast.  Ensure IV is working and checked first with an injection of saline.  Choose correct method of injection (hand or injector). Must be proficient in filming from imaging workstation.  3D imaging and multiplanar reconstruction.  Responds to codes and other emergency situations appropriately.  
  • Explains CT procedure to patient and/or family member.  Obtains completed questionnaire and proper history and clinical from patient, floor or physician's office. Informs patients and families of all delays. Trains co-workers and students. Assist other technologists when not busy in  assigned CT room.  
  • Acquires requisition and checks for appropriate clinical. Charges procedure, supplies and surgical codes when exam is completed.  Indicates no-film badge wearing name and fluoro time.  Adds surgical charges when needed. Operates the PAC’s system appropriately and verify studies before sending to archive. Reports equipment problems to supervisor, in-charge tech and documents confirmation numbers. Appropriate forms must be completed for all procedures.  Fill out contrast sheet on all patients receiving IV and rectal contrast.  A contrast media form must be filled out on all patients, CT forms must be filled out on all patients. Communicates with radiologist to determine appropriate protocols for each exam.  Correct protocols are utilized as prescribed by the radiologist.  Procedures must be performed as directed by the radiologist.  Correct scans as performed. Demonstrates recognition of anatomy and pathology as related to scan being processed. Perform warm up calibrations as needed.  


Supervisory/Management Responsibility


This is a non-management job that will report to a supervisor, manager, director, or executive.

Application Process:
Apply on company website.
Employer Address:

22725 US-76 East
Clinton, SC 29325
United States

Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.