Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: February 1, 2010

Organization: Bender Consulting Services, Inc.

City: Blythewood, SC

Website: View Website

Wages/Salary: Salary range upon request.


•HS diploma but an associate’s degree is preferred.
•Proficient in Microsoft Office
•Experience should include work flow design and data analysis and/or systems automation and testing.
•Strong written and oral communication skills required.
•Analytical skills required.

Job Description:

This position is located in Blythewood, SC.

Responsibilities include the following:

•Provides guidelines for the collection of data suitable for use by non-technical personnel.
•Manage the validation and preparation of account data ready for bulk data loading by engineering personnel.
•Assists with end-to-end workflow testing to ensure user requirements have been incorporated and client expectations have been satisfied.
•Understands user data issues and translates them into requirements for the technology group.
•Prepares time and cost estimates relating to data components for proposals
•Define the data requirements in order to enable the end-to-end workflow for supporting the business processes for each account.
•Develops standards, templates, work instructions to aid in the initial population of the nominated toolset and its ongoing data integrity.
•Generates conceptual data model view documentation and assists in defining meaningful data entity definitions.
•Develops standards, templates, procedures to aid in the development of work products

Full time.
Contact Name:
Sherry Homme
Application Process:
-Send resumes directly to
-Contact office 412-787-8567