Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: October 31, 2016

Organization: Pepsi Beverages Company

City: Greenwood, SC

Wages/Salary: Starting Pay: $14.25 per hour


21 years or older, Valid CDL or Valid CDL Permit, Pass the required drug test and physical capabilities test (if applicable), Pass the required background checks, Pass DOT physical and DOT Road Test. HELPFUL EXPERIENCE:
Operating trucks requiring a CDL license (e.g., performing basic functions like driving forwards, driving backwards, maneuvering in tight spaces, etc.), Merchandising products (e.g., filling shelves, building displays, making products look attractive on shelves, rotating product, cleaning shelves, or eliminating out of stocks and out of date products, etc.), Operating equipment (e.g., pallet jacks, hand trucks, breakdowns, etc.),(CDL A or Permit)

Job Description:

Position fills in for delivery drivers who are not available for their shifts (due to vacation, illness, etc.). Routes for the relief driver typically change day to day. Position delivers products to stores on an established or contingency route or via, dynamic dispatch to customers including convenience and gas stores, small supermarkets, drug stores, across a wide variety of weather conditions. Drives the delivery vehicle to a location, unloads and brings products into the store. Is responsible for ongoing rotating and stocking of products on store shelves, displays, vending equipment, and in coolers. Builds small displays and sets up promotional materials such as pricing signs and banners. Generates invoices and is responsible for daily settlement of cash and charges. Has frequent interaction with store management. This position is labor intensive, requires lifting, loading and pushing/pulling cases ranging from 20-45 pounds per case repeatedly during work hours. It also requires reaching, squatting, and bending while delivering and merchandising products in the store.

Type of Position: Full-time
Application Process:
For immediate consideration, please go to