Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 1, 2013

Organization: Labor Source Inc. of Greenville

City: Columbia, SC

Wages/Salary: $16-$18 per hour


1. Be Drug Free
2. Follow Company Policies
3. Dress Appropriately
4. Be at Work Everyday on Time
5. Actually Work While on the Clock
6. Have a Professional Attitude
7. Smoke in Designated Areas at Designated Times

Job Description:

They are separated by their knowledge. They should be able to plan and install jobs on schedules and patterns. They should be able to terminate J-Boxes, Panels, Transformers, and Motors. They should have the ability to look ahead of the installation to identify questions, problems, and solutions. They should be able to perform any task required for electrical installation. Their main focus should be on the proper planning of installations so that the work does not have to be redone because of other trade conflicts or code violations. They should be able to assist: 2 mechanics, 1 top helper, 2 electrical helpers, and 1 green helper. Their training should continue into code update classes and backhoe and all terrain forklift certifications.

Contact Name:
Jody Hackett