Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: January 1, 2012

Organization: BOSCH

City: Charleston


•Associate of Applied Science Degree or equivalent, i.e. Industrial Electrical/Electronic certificate.
•Minimum 3-4 years of experience in maintaining control systems and electrical/electronic repair.
•Understand and utilize prints, schematics, and documentation for troubleshooting issues.
•Must have a working knowledge of electro-hydraulic/electro-pneumatic systems.
•Must have a working knowledge of DOS, Windows, and the ability to operate personal computers.
•Must be able to work independently and within a team environment.
•Self-starter, able to work with little or no supervision.
•Superior troubleshooting capabilities.
•Must be willing to work flexible schedules to ensure production needs are met.
•Thorough knowledge of hand tool use and of safety procedures.
•Maintain “state of the art” skills and knowledge.
•Able to use current business systems to perform computer tasks related to specific job function.
•Familiar with production and assembly testing equipme

Job Description:

Builds, troubleshoots, repairs, modifies, tests, services, maintains, and adds or replaces electronic circuits, components, assemblies, cabinets, and electrical equipment.
•Uses machine prints, sketches, schematics, diagrams, safety codes, manuals, and manufacturer's handbooks for troubleshooting, building, repairing, etc.
•Uses various measuring and testing equipment to troubleshoot, modify, repair PLCs, PCs, CNCs, and Robots, as well as electronic/electrical circuits, equipment, control systems, and network components.
•Troubleshoots, maintains, modifies and replaces all types of electrical and electronic components relative to controls.
•Performs and maintains machine system backups.
•Uses Computer/PLC programs to monitor, troubleshoot, and modify machine controls, sequences and processes.
•Use various support software tools such as spreadsheets, databases to support maintenance.
•Modifies or builds electrical cabinets, enclosures according to electrical prints based on Industry and Bosch Standards.
•Maintains a clean and orderly work area; performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.
•Receives and provides proper turnovers to necessary personnel as required.
•Troubleshoots/repairs/maintains/aligns and adjusts various types of lasers and their processes.
•Installs, upgrade computer software and operating systems.

Contact Name:
Kristina Cartledge
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Application Process:
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