Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: September 30, 2014

Organization: Shaw Floors

City: Clinton, SC

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Wages/Salary: Hourly Rate: $26.98 Interim Rate: $25.05


?Successful completion/execution of START Technician-Electrician Master training program or have verifiable experience
?Must be able to interpret schematics, prints and oral instructions, set up and programming of complex PLC, inverter and other electrical applications, interpret electrical and mechanical situations to determine process failure, process need and process improvement
?Must be able to use test equipment including, but not limited to DMMs, amp meters,Megger meters
?Must be able to design, install, repair, replace and maintain motors, drives, controls, starters, lights, power, communication, PLC, and other related systems
?Must be able to draw schematics and compile documentation for complex projects
?Must have knowledge of computers, PLCs, HMI, inverters, and other electronics
?Must be able to write and troubleshoot complex PLC programs
?Know the practices, methods, tools, materials and equipment of the electrician?s trade
?Know the hazards and safety precautions of all procedures
? Know how to diagnose and remedy maintenance problems

Job Description:

Oversee installation and repair of all electrical equipment. Be knowledgeable in programming and troubleshooting of all electrical equipment including, but not limited to, PLCs, inverters, single loop controllers throughout the plant. Provide training and guidance to Technician-Electrician I through Technician-Electrician IV positions. Must be able to successfully perform all requirements of Technician-Electrician Master according to START program requirements.

Day shift
Application Process:
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