Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 14, 2017

Organization: Department of Transportation-District 2

City: Saluda County, South Carolina

Wages/Salary: STATE SALARY RANGE: $32,838.00 - $60,760.00 Annually


A bachelor's degree in engineering; or a bachelor's degree in engineering technology and two (2) years of related work experience; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations.
A valid Motor Vehicle Operator's License is required

Job Description:

Trains in performing inspection of contractors work to ensure that materials and workmanship are all in accordance with plans and specifications. This work includes asphalt paving, curb and gutter placement and concrete work. Performs office work involving engineering data as well as compiling quantities, preparing reports and Final Construction Plans. Trains in supervising the operation of the survey party crew involved in highway construction surveying. Trains in
performing and supervising subordinates in the sampling of materials to ensure quality that is consistent with plans and specifications. Maintains traffic control and erosion control plans throughout the project to ensure all is accordance with specifications and approved plans.
Performs other related duties as directed by the Resident Construction Engineer to ensure that roads and bridges are constructed as specified by plans and standard specifications.

Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)
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