Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: April 30, 2017

Organization: SCANA/SCE&G

City: Cayce, SC

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Wages/Salary: $16.67 per hour


Highly motivated and customer focused individual that is capable of completing a four (4) year gas apprenticeship program which includes the ability to complete and pass the Operator Qualification (OQ) training with an opportunity to advance to the Journeyman Gas Person level. Main responsibilities include but are not limited to the operation, maintenance and construction of SCE&G?s Gas Distribution System which include:
? Construction work: responding to and repairing accidental dig ins (service line and main repairs); repairing other below-ground gas leaks, large pipe tapping and stopping projects and service line retirements.
? Service work: responding to miscellaneous customer calls/concerns; setting, blocking and unblocking meters; pulling meters for testing, above ground leak repairs (at meter sets), painting meters, and zero use and high bill complaint investigations.
? Compliance work: line locating, conducting leak surveys and atmospheric corrosion surveys, valve and station maintenance, and odorant checks.

Job Description:

Requirements include:
? Must have excellent physical condition and be able to: stand, sit, walk, climb ladders and crawl under houses and in attics and work outdoors in all weather conditions (sun, wind, rain, frequent temperature changes).
? This position requires lifting up to 25 pounds repeatedly throughout the day and occasional lifting of up to 100 pounds.
? Must be capable of driving a Company vehicle 6 to 8 hours daily in a safe manner ? must have a valid driver?s license with a good driving history and the ability to obtain and maintain a Class A Commercial Drivers? License (CDL) within six (6) months of start date.
? Must be able to attend apprenticeship training one week, several times a year at our Gas Training Facility in Columbia during the course of the 4-year apprenticeship
? Must be able to work in trenches with mud and water and be able to cut or join pipe both inside and outside trenches.
? Must have strong mechanical skills to be able to use a variety of hand tools to build and remove a variety of meter and pipe configurations to include pushing and pulling of valve wrenches.
? Must be able to safely operate various construction equipment including a forklift, backhoe/front end loader, trencher, jackhammer, and other heavy equipment to excavate sites for street construction.
? Must have the ability to read and apply applicable codes, document compliance activities and, if necessary, wear self-contained breathing apparatus in hazardous environments.
? Must be extremely focused, aware of surroundings, and safety conscious to work in proximity of dangerous natural gas situations (leaks and ruptures) and will be responsible for wearing and utilizing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to include FR uniform, safety glasses, hard hat, gloves, and work boots.
? Must have a High School diploma (from a high school accredited by an organization that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or one of the entities recognized by the U.S. Department of Education) or GED.
? Must also be routinely available for call out or emergency situations and be able to work overtime as needed. Must live within 25 miles/30 minutes from the assigned work location.
? A two-year technical degree is preferred.

Contact Name:
Stephanie Ponds
Application Process:
Email resumes to Stephanie Ponds at