Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: March 15, 2013

Organization: Gunnells Marine Unlimited, Inc.

City: Greenwood

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An aptitude and attitude for service area responsibilities.
Strong mechanical/electrical skills with limited administrative skills.
Have electrical, machinery operation, and welding skills.
Enjoy detailed work.
Capable of problem solving.
Proficiency in recordkeeping skills.
Capable of efficient planning and organizing.
Ability to work independently.
Ability to adjust to long seasonal hours.
Provide cleanliness in work area.
Good health and physical mobility.
Must be able to stand a reference check for credibility.
To be an asset to Gunnells Marine.

Know in-depth boating terms.
Understand mechanical and electrical equipment.
Use tools and machinery for the marine industry.
Maneuver boats and trailers with towable vehicles.
Operate Window based computer programs.
Ability to maneuver boats on water.
Write legible and professional communication skills for documents and telephone inquiries.

Job Description:

Installation and setup of boats, motors, trailers, depth finders, trolling motors, stereo equipment, cruise control systems for boats, gps systems, etc.

Average 30 + hours week.
Contact Name:
Gwen Gunnells
Application Process:
864-223-2275 or