Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 1, 2008

Organization: Medline Industries

City: Honea Path

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Wages/Salary: $15 - $17+ / hr based on education and experience


Associates Degree from technical college or minimum 2 years work experience with HVAC,mechanical and/or electrical aptitude or combination education/work experience equivalent.

Must be able to read and understand charts, indicators, enunciator panels, instructions on controls, and operator checklists; must be able to read and understand the PLC and familiar with fractions and decimals and their use.

Safety conscious; handles solvents and corrosive chemicals.

Operate high pressure, vacuum, high shear equipment; lift heavy objects up to 50 lbs; ability to work in hot and confined areas.

Job Description:

In accordance with written and oral instructions, assure that pilot and latex production plant machines operate safely, properly and efficiently to meet a pre-set product quality and output rate.

Understand the complex electrical and mechanical characteristics of pilot and latex production plant well enough to be able to set up and operate plant safely without damaging equipment or endangering personnel and environment.

Read and understand the manuals of individual equipment well enough to be able to write work instructions and run the equipment as required.

Observe various machine failure indications and make corrections or get maintenance help as needed.

Understand the process flow chart and individual machine operating parameters well enough to be able to produce successful products as required by established process specifications.

Operate equipment within established guidelines to ensure product meets quality standards; maintain awareness of product quality and adjust process within specifications to attain high quality product.

Make latex pilot and latex production plant operate as scheduled; check and adjust process parameters as required.

Notify supervisor of any potential malfunction that could endanger personnel and environment or damage equipment; bring equipment to safe stop/emergency stop as conditions warrant; ensure all items requiring maintenance are ‘logged” in to be included in maintenance routine.

Assist maintenance department on periodic preventive maintenance; upon completion of maintenance activities, inspect equipment before start up to ensure completion of work.

Coordinate with facility engineer to safely and properly dispose of the wastes generated.

Notify supervisor when machine will be down and when machine will start up; keep latex production plant clean and orderly; work overtime when needed; performs other duties as instructed by Management.

14 day schedule as follows (work 7 days in a 14 day schedule):

3 days 4pm to 4am
2 days off
2 days 4pm to 4am
3 days off
2 days 4pm to 4am
2 days off
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Greg Tysl
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