Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: July 23, 2018

Organization: University of Kansas, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Location: Other

City: Lawrence, KS

Job Type: Full Time

Wages/Salary: $42,000-$49,000 annual salary


Required Qualifications:

  1. High School/GED and three years of related experience OR Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering Technology or Electronics or similar discipline and one year of related experience.
  2. Three (3) years of experience in construction and testing of electronic circuits as evidenced by application materials. 
  3. Two (2) years of experience instructing others in the proper and safe use of electronic devices, as evidenced by work history. 
  4. One (1) year of experience with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) as evidenced by application materials. 
  5. One (1) year of electrical assembly experience using soldering and wire bonding techniques as evidenced by application materials.
  6. Good written communication skills as evidenced by application materials.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Electronics technical training or certification.
  2. Good oral communication skills, to be evaluated at the interview stage.
Job Description:

Position Overview:

This position operates under the direction of the Department chair. The person holding this position supports clients (faculty, staff and students) by maintaining, modifying and repairing electronic equipment, supporting both the teaching and research mission of the department. Trains and instructs graduate students, technicians, and others in maintenance and use of electronic instruments. Operates and maintains a wire-bonding machine for specialized electronics fabrication. Reads periodicals to keep updated with new products and components. The successful candidate must be able to lift up to 40 pounds.

Job Description:

40% - Builds, tests and maintains unique electronic instrumentation.  Modifies existing instruments and equipment for better performance.  Repairs instruments and equipment at the circuit board component level. Assists in building circuit boards for computer interfaced data acquisition systems (DAQ).  Tasks require through knowledge of tools, materials and techniques.

10%-Trains and instructs graduate students, technicians, and others in the use, care, maintenance, and calibration of electric equipment. Provides training on the safe use of electronics and electric equipment. Provide training and guidance on trouble-shooting of electronic circuits.

25%-Maintains electronic equipment used in Departmental lab classes. Maintains electronic equipment in the Department. Follows standard procedures to achieve these objectives.

10%-Operates and maintains wire-bonding machine for specialized electronic fabrication.

10%-Operates and maintains soldering station for precision electronic assembly.

5%-Reviews new developments in electronic circuitry and stays current in the field by keeping abreast of new technology through trade periodicals. Selects and purchases electronic components and solid-state devices.

M-F 8-5
Contact Name:
Kristin Rennells
Contact Phone Number: 785-864-4626
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